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Snowfall Destinations Near Delhi.

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It’s just getting chillier in Delhi which makes it just the right time to enjoy snowfall. Even the weather department has predicted snowfall this week. Which are the nearest driveaway for snowfall?

I’ll give you the list where I’ve enjoyed snowfall and they’re within driving range from Delhi.

1 Shimla/Kufri- Himachal Pradesh

350 Km

7 hours by road

It’s a great and very common destination for couples, youngsters to watch snowfall. It’s has a picturesque beauty drive is amazingly comfortable since it has motorable roads.

Even flights from Shimla-N Delhi are available.

My advice try and stay slightly far from Shimla since it’s very crowded and parking is a nightmare. Book hotel in advance, deals are available.

2 Mussoorie/ Dhanaulti/ Kanatal- Uttarakhand

320 Km

6-7 hours by road

All three places have very good hotels to stay the roads are motorable and view is awesome. While driving from Dehradun to Mussoorie you’ll notice slight chill in the air and change in the scenery. It’s a very near haunt from Delhi to enjoy snowfall.

Chances of snowfall is more in Dhanaulti and Kanatal than Mussoorie but better hotels are in Mussoorie.

Flight is available from Dehradun to N Delhi

Trains are also present till Dehradun

3 Manali- Himachal Pradesh

530 Km

11-12 hours by road

It’s slightly far but the route is just worth the trip. The drive to Manali is one of the best drives ever. Although it’s very tiring journey and the traffic jam from Kullu to Manali is almost always present since it’s single lane road.

Manali has so many places to enjoy the snow and the altitude makes it a very good spot to watch snowfall.

Rotang pass is one place you should visit.

4 Auli– Uttarakhand

500 Km

15-16 hours by road

It’s a very beautiful untouched non crowded place to watch snowfall. Drive is hard because the roads are presently under construction and maintenance. The GMVN of Auli is a Jewel property of Uttarakhand govt. you’ll love it totally and the view of snow covered peaks is total adrenaline rush.

Feb is also skiing festival time so it’s very lively and animated at that time.

Don’t miss the ropeway ride from Joshimath to Auli the view is mesmerizing.

5 Chopta– Uttarakhand

450 Km

11 hours by road

Chopta is a relatively new name for many people to watch snowfall but it’s altitude it equivalent to Auli and snowfall certainly occurs there when it happens in Auli. It’s close but more rustic. It’s famous for its camping and trekking places rather than luxury hotels

Don’t expect too much out of this place since it’s beautiful but not many hotels are there. One good hotel is Snow View Hotel which is 5-7 Km before Chopta but it has decent facilities.

The snow makes it difficult to drive so take local jeeps instead of your own car for last 10 Km.  

snowfall destinations near Delhi
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I hope my post was helpful and you get to watch snowfall.

I wish to see Snowfall at few places they’re on my wishlist:

  • Leh- Driving trip
  • Sonmarg / Gulmarg- Kashmir
  • Switzerland- Alps
  • Norway.

My non ending desire to travel… keeping my fingers crossed for upcoming adventures


Happy Snowfall to you.

7 thoughts on “Snowfall Destinations Near Delhi.”

  1. I have been to Mussorie in snow fall and must say it look like heaven and same with Kashmir to enjoy snowfall ..

  2. ..and here we shiver in mumbai winters. I often wonder what will happen to our bones if we are in these awesome places forever hereon. 🙂
    Noce post..loved it.


  3. I’ve only experiences snowfall once, which was in Oslo and it was beautiful. Unfortunately India isn’t equippedd for Winter, so it ends up being a rather unpleasant season for most

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