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Defeat Age with Anti-Aging Solutions.

Our skin is our best ornament.

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Beautiful skin is a God gift to us, but to sustain the beauty we have to work on it. Skin requires nurturing, care and attention. If we ignore the subtle signs our skin gives us as a warning, we might end up losing a lot. So what are the signs of aging which we’ll notice on our skin?

Signs of Aging:

  • Age spots: these are small hyperpigmented spots which are found in clusters over sun-exposed skin. It’s a very important sign of aging.
  • Fine lines/ wrinkles around the eyes- Crows Feet.
  • Dull/ lusterless skin.
  • Sagging/loose skin.
  • Laugh lines
  • Frown lines.
Anti-Aging Solutions

What to do??

Let’s start with small changes in lifestyle that might help restore the skin.

  • Get adequate sleep/rest.
  • Wash with gentle face wash.
  • Exfoliate by scrubs at least once a week.
  • Keep skin moisturized.
  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Eat healthy food- fresh veggies, fruits, salads.
  • Take plenty of water.

Invest in:

After you’ve crossed 30’s landmark invest in your skin. Use anti-aging serums/creams. They help in restoring youth and brings the glow back in the skin. Use has to be for at least 1-2 months for people to get apparent results so have patience. Soon you’ll get that one compliment which would make your day.

Here’s the list of top products that I’ve used and found really great.

Elizabeth Arden: Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum.

It’s a really great product to control the age-related changes.


  • It has capsules which have serum enough for one application and has to used once or twice a day according to requirement.
  • Easy to carry during traveling.
  • The serum is slightly thick but it gets absorbed within few minutes of application.
  • The skin feels really soft and supple after application.


  • it’s expensive 2919/5108/6750 INR for 30/60/90 Capsules Respectively.

Estee Lauder’s: Advanced Night Repair Serum.

You’ll love the Serum on your Skin, the Youthful appearance of skin after the use is literally addicting.


  • It’s slightly less think in consistency.
  • Good for every type of skin.
  • Gives a dry feel since it gets absorbed almost immediately.
  • Only 2 drops are sufficient for the application.


  • Quantity is less 7/20/30/50ml.
  • Expensive 990/3900/5900/7900 respectively.

Olay 7 in One Anti-Aging Cream:

It’s a very good product to be used regularly and it gives very positive results.


  • Not expensive 805/-
  • Good results.
  • Quantity is good 50 ml.
  • Has sun protection SPF 15.


  • Cream based.
  • Slightly dry feel is present.
  • A bit sticky.

Biotique: Bio Dandelion Visibly Ageless serum:

It’s a good product and with Dandelion, Vitamin E, nutmeg oil.

For product Click here


  • Organic product.
  • Affordable product just for 230/-
  • Quantity is sufficient 40 ml.
  • For all kind of skin type.


  • Results are apparent after long use.

Few promising products are also available which I’ve tried and they have good results too:

Dot & Key: Skin Essential Night Serum

Dot & Key Skin Essential’s Night Serum

A face serum aiming to provide skin nourishment in a 3-in-1 way as it hydrates, lightens and prevents skin aging.

  • Light on skin
  • Has anti-oxidants and age block actives
  • natural botanical product
  • Non – greasy and gets absorbed in the skin easily


  •  A little on the expensive side as 15ml costs Rs.575
  • Slightly strong fragrance, I liked it but for some, it might be strong

Products worth mentioning:

  • Bio Oil: reduces scars 316/-
  • Olay: Regenerist micro-sculpting Cream
  • Neutrogena: rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer
  • O3+: Agelock Booster serum Vitamin C

That’s all, for now, I hope you’ll find this post useful.

Happy & Glowing Skin is the best skin.

Be Happy and Glowing Always.

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30 thoughts on “Defeat Age with Anti-Aging Solutions.”

  1. My dad who is a dermatologist always told me that there is nothing like pure clean water to clean my face. Also he said that how you age is largely genetic. Having said that he would tease me whenever I tried all kinds of skin treatments and tell me that the only thing left was to put a ‘vaghar’ on my face! But I myself love moisturising my skin and have used Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night repair for years. I always change my moisturiser but make sure to moisturise day and night. Currently I am using Shiseido which is also a good product for diminishing frown lines and age spots.

  2. I have used both Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Capsules and Estee Lauder’s night repair serum. Even though they are expensive they are worth the price and make a profound difference on the face. A great compilation of products!

  3. Investing in the skin is a must I agree – at any age….earlier the better… and we have to know our skin types before investing. Grt info.

  4. An excellent piece on several anti-ageing skin products with the pros and cons spelled out. Some of the products do seem to be very attractive. Skin happens to be very important and we cannot allow age to take a toll on it. A very informative article indeed.

  5. I like the products you have mentioned here though I Do not use such product. May be choose one or two to try once. Who does not want to look young 😉

  6. That’s a fantastic list of products, I must say. I never had any skin related problem in my life so far but I could see the signs of aging now as wrinkles near my eyes. Will check these products.

  7. a Very useful post for those like me in mid-30s and looking for an easy fix for their skin. I have used Olay 7in1 in the past and found it to be very effective. I think I am going to try the Biotique serum soon to compare once.

  8. I use Garnier night cream and it doesnt help for anti ageing but definitely it a nice cream when you wake up in the morning, face is fresh and more over I suffer heavy acne and dark patches due to health issues. I am a bit particular about what to use.

  9. Anti Ageing is cream is the must needed after the certain age

    It is said that me. does not need it but i don’t agree

    We are using Biotique brand for full family

    Thanks for the tips also.

  10. A lovely round-up of essential skin care.. Will make a note of some of these to include in my routine for the future.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. We often tend to take good care of skin in teenage and up to 30s. But as you said, skin care after 30s is equally important to avoid aging and wrinkles. A well researched post on each of the available products and its pros and cons. A much needed post!! #superbloggerchallenge

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