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A Train Journey to Remember: 08/02/2019

Adventure when least expected…

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At times when we’re least prepared we face some problems, that’s the test we face and have to live with those decisions we take too…

I planned a trip to Udaipur with my friend Manisha. She was already there and I booked my train to Udaipur.  

I boarded the train Mewar Express from H. Nizamuddin Railway station to Udaipur junction at 7 PM. After the train started we came to know about the Gujjar Agitation in which they’re sitting on the railway track and blocking of the route of the trains. They had demands which have to be fulfilled to open the railway tracks. Seriously!!!

Who’s suffering in these agitations???

Common public

Who’s the culprit???

Common public

Some 1500 people (including 3 Grooms) on our train we’re embarked for a journey they had no clue how it’ll end. With my fingers crossed I finally decided to continue my journey to Udaipur.

What all I Packed in Bag that made my train journey bearable? 

Delay of 10 hours and more to face… and miles to go before we reach.

While packing I carried few extra things which made my life easy on train:

  • Power-bank
  • Laptop (with movies for time pass)
  • Biscuits/ Chips/ Namkeen as snacks
  • Tea/coffee pouches/ sugar
  • Disposable cups/ spoons/ plates.
  • Relaxing clothes
  • Instacuppa Thermos (hot/cold water- now I can officially say hot water lasts for 8 hours)
  • Got my dinner packed from Comesum on railway station
  • Purchased water/ cold drink
  • Novel for reading
Instacuppa Thermos My Saviour

I was all prepared for my journey. Later when the train started we were made aware of the situation. It was very tensed atmosphere in train no one knew when we’d reach or if the train would be canceled in between at 12 AM we finally got the update that the train is getting re-routed from Bharatpur via Jaipur to Ajmer and Udaipur. It added 5-6 hours journey to our 12 hours journey. The engine of the train was changed from electric to diesel for the alternative route. In between train was stopped for water since the tanks were empty by morning. Our train had no pantry so we all had to wait for railway stations for food.


In Ajmer we finally got Samosas and omelets as something substantial for my stomach. Sleeping, lazing and in between watching movie ultimately got me through this painfully long journey.

I do want to thank Indian Railways for their quick thinking and actions for helping passengers the best they can.

We finally reached by 7:30 PM.

My only thoughts were Oh My God never again…


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19 thoughts on “A Train Journey to Remember: 08/02/2019”

  1. Train travels are always adventurous! never know whom we’ll meet ! #superbloggerchallenge

  2. I love travelling by train. But have had to refrain becasue the kids were very young. But next week I am pegged for a train journey in a large group. I am so excited. Loved reading about your experience too.

  3. T. S. Eliot once said, “The journey not the arrival matters.”
    After embarking this train adventure, I think you’ll agree completely.

  4. I had similar yet different experience with train journey once. Tracks were rumored being wired with bombs. So police, bomb squad , bomb stories people crying , high voltage drama and all. 6 hrs train late. You inspired me to share my account 😉

  5. Excellent post. Fighting for rights does not mean you hold the general population to ransom. Nice list you have given to carry along.

  6. Oh no, that’s a horrible experience. But you did a very wise thing, you prepared well for the journey & packed all the useful stuff.

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