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Soft Touch: Hand Care

Dot & Key Hand Cream

Hands have their own language

Simon Van Booy

Our hands are a very important part of us. We rely on our hands for greeting, Touch, Communication, Gestures, Livelihood and a lot more. Still, In our hectic work, we always forget how to take care of our hands. 

They’re almost always exposed to harsh soaps, cleansers, infected surfaces, less hygienic places.. and it could not be avoided too. We can’t control what we touch or are exposed to but we can always take precautions to treat them afterward. What should be our daily de-contamination routine which could help or exposed skin too?

De-Contamination Routine:

  • Wash hands with gentle anti-bacterial soap/ hand-wash before and after examination.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Use Fresh tissues to clean the hands, towels are a source of infection.
  • Apply hand cream which provides Sanitization and moisturizes too.

I’m a doctor and knowingly or unknowingly, my hands are almost always exposed to multiple sources of infections. I do use many hand sanitizers, alcohol-based hand purifiers, spirit based products but after everything, my hands feel like sandpaper. So I came up with a solution to my problem. After a vast search on the internet and google, I finally found what I was looking for…

Dot & Key Hand Cream

Dot & Key Hand Cream provides protection to our hands and even hydrates the skin. It’s a chemical free product which has hand sanitization with a moisturizer it gives our hands an additional benefit of keeping the hands soft and protected. It’s a germ killer but giving our touch soft too… which is a win-win!!!

Totally Alcohol-Free Product.

Dot & Key Hand Cream Review:


  • Dermatologically Tested
  • 100% safe
  • Quantity: 50ml
  • Quite Affordable: 395/-
  • Offers 3 types for a different type of skin Dry/Normal/Oily.
  • Fragrances: Lavender/ Mandarin/ Macadamia Shea
  • Contains Shea Butter so it’s a good moisturizer.
  • Easy to carry tube.


  • Slightly strong Smell
  • Only available in one size 50ml.
  • Different type of Fragrances is offered in different skin types. The choice of fragrance is not yet introduced in them.

(I like Mandarin but it was not available with my skin type)

Hand Care
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Overall I love the hand-cream since it leaves my hands soft and hydrated after usage of gloves or harsh hand-sanitizers in hospital. This extra protection offered from the cream is a boon for my hands.

Available At:

Living Herself rating = 3.5/5

Dot & Key

I’m happily recommending the Dot & Key Hand Cream+ Sanitizer+ Moisturizer to everyone. Do try the Cream it’s worth it.

Be Sanitized and Soft.

Be Safe.

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  1. A product as this is what I need to apply on my hands every night before I sleep.Shea butter is such a good moisturizer. I’m glad it has online availability. It’s easier to get it delivered at the door step so one never runs out of it and the hands stay soft always.

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