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Is Love a Lonely Emotion?

Does Love Travel Alone???

Love is a “Family Plan” it never travels alone.

Love is an emotion which is never solo but is often found with many other feelings too. I realized that being in Love is a great feeling but with it comes along the fear of loss. When I discovered Love and started my journey with it many emotions came along in the wagon.


Love makes everything seems beautiful. When you are in love it gives a feeling of elation and it makes you ecstatic and joyful. It brings a glow of face of person which is apparent to everyone around you too.


Love and hope walks hands in hand. I felt the love but it came seasoned with hope,

  • Hope for a great future together
  • Hope of a better life
  • Hope for bliss and support
  • Hope for Love in return


Fear was the next emotion to hop along. It is not irrational to feel fear it’s natural to feel insecure since Love has been wonderful feeling the fear of loss of that elation would make you insecure.

  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of loneliness
  • Fear of being misunderstood


Jealousy is a petty emotion but it could create many conflicts in a relationship. It comes in only when you feel your better half is not giving you enough time or attention. It’s only unnatural when this feeling has driven you to doubt and investigate every statement or comment.

  • Jealous of his friends especially girls.
  • Jealous of his family or worst his job.


It’s a natural feeling when you feel love because you’re close to a person then you feel he should be yours only. The problem arises when this feeling is very dominant and you do not like sharing him at all.

To certain limit possessiveness is a display of love and affection.


Love doesn’t give any certainty that it’ll be reciprocated so many would have to face loss too after being in Love.

Coping up with loss is difficult and is equal to losing someone close only. The emotional pain felt is very real and to certain limit debilitating too. People deal differently with the loss but the only thing healing is “Time”.

Emotions are not good or bad but how we deal with them defines them. Let’s make our life good and happy…

Let’s Love & Be Loved.

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21 thoughts on “Is Love a Lonely Emotion?”

  1. Defintion of love changes with time but loss is always loss. It’s another thing once you have lost you develop a great sense of understanding.

  2. Love is actually a composite of so many emotions. And it comes with strings attached and sometimes it is wonderful and at other times is hard to cope with.

  3. Sometimes love makes us less lonely, sometimes it makes us more lonely. Closeness always reduces feelings of being alone in this world.

  4. Very true that love doesnot comes comes with many other emotions..Hope and Love together can do miracles and mame impossible things possible..

  5. Such a beautiful thought and well laid out! I so agree with you to love and be loved!!!

  6. My god, such a deep rooted post. Yes, its true that love never walks alone. There are emotions that accompany it at every turn. For me love also accrues compassion and trust.

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