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I’m 1-Year-Old

It’s My Birthday..

It was 1 year back when I suddenly decided I wanted to do something more than just be an ENT Specialist. I wanted to be more, I didn’t yet had a plan but I knew I wanted to do something. I wrote a guest post for Dr. Amrita once and she motivated me to start a Blog. i pondered on the thought and started my own Blog: Living Herself.

Super Blogger Challenge 2018 was going on and she gave me a deadline to write a post and submit it in the Challenge before it’s over.

I wrote my first post for Super Blogger Challenge 2018: Bag Story. It was finally done, I was a Wild Card entry last year. I was suddenly bombarded with too much of knowledge which I was barely able to understand.

Dr. Bushra and Dr. Amrita have been blessed with patience from the outer world I think because I made their inbox miserable by asking so many basic questions. Thankfully they helped me out a lot. They both Guided and Mentored me, more than half of the things that I’ve learned are from them…

In tutorials and live chats fellow Bloggers would raise queries “How to increase DA or PA?” and I’ll ask “What’s DA or PA?”. I was utterly clueless. I just use to jot down everything then google search all to know what exactly it is.

I had suddenly developed new vocabulary…

  • HTML
  • Back Link
  • DA
  • PA
  • Alexa Ranking

And much more..

Due to help and Support from everyone I gained my Indian Ranking and Global Ranking it was in some lakhs but I was happy that I gained it.

Super Blogger Challenge helped me in lots of ways:

  • I made friends with many fellow bloggers.
  • I understood there’s a hell lot more in blogging than just writing.
  • I was introduced to social media platforms.
  • Directing Traffic from Pinterest.
  • SBC gave my blog a jump start.

My morale got a boost when I won “Most Promising New Blogger” Award.

When Super Blogger Challenge 2018 was over I suddenly landed in a Limbo. I had no clue what to do without a deadline or homework. It was suddenly over. I just pushed myself to still go on and I’d randomly ping Dr. Amrita and Dr. Bushra for motivation and they never let me down. They gave me the courage to just continue. My Personal favorite advice is:

“You’re Doing Great Just KEEP IT UP. Content is good traffic will come”

I’ve no idea how I’ve covered 1 year but it’s Super Blogger Challenge 2019. My Blog is 1 year old. When people ask me how I did it, I always tell them:

“I just took One Step at a Time, I was there before I knew it”

Today I’m:

  • 102 Post Old
  • Indian Rank: 20,821
  • Global Rank: 4,55,363
  • Domain Authority: 14
  • Page Authority: 32

Happy Birthday Living Herself.

Miles to go Before I sleep.

Keep Blogging…

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  1. Wow! you have made some serious progress as a blogger Richa. It feels good that I know such talented and hard working people in my community. Al lthe best for your future. Reach for the stars.

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