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Mend the bond, Heal India.

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Our country is standing on the verge on evolution into a new phase. The problem is that we have lots of baggage pulling us back while we’re learning to fly.


A New phase is really what we want?

I don’t know if we’ll evolve and get into a newer and better tomorrow but I do know that trying to stop inevitable is not possible so we could try and bend a little and carry on our traditions too so that the newer version could be right blend of modern and traditional worlds. We could have best of both.

Western culture has its own drawbacks and so does our traditional culture. We should gradually do the transition. Providing modern assets to clueless unequipped and uneducated generation is the mistake we’re facing. So first step to fight the evil in society is to educate and incorporate the morals in new generations.

Are we willing to fight back?

Our traditions and society has its own drawbacks but instead of abandoning it we could always try and amend it. I’m disappointed and angry with our country too but I want to stop it’s downfall not abandon it.

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Let’s work on it like we nurture a sapling and start with something small like:

  • Follow the traffic rules.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Keep Country clean. Use Dustbin.
  • Give the seat to the elderly or women.
  • Respect Women.
  • Help others.

Let’s mend our society.

Do we want to fight back?

We’re fighting back at times in anger by filing RTI or in protest by lighting candles at India Gate. We might be disappointed but we’ve not yet given up.

Is our Country worth fighting for?

We’re the youth of our country, we’re aware, we want answers and we’re fighting to change the society. Although our society has always fought back the change, this time it’s fighting to change itself for the good.

I’m Proud of being an Indian.

Let’s reform our India while treasuring traditions and giving way to technology.

That’s the only way to future and progress for India.

5 thoughts on “Mend the bond, Heal India.”

  1. India’s rich heritage and culture is unparalleled in the world. A fusion of the best of our heritage with contemporary thinking is the way forward. Also needed is people to start thinking as WE rather than I.

  2. Mending the bond is important – breaking away is not the answer .Whether it is the transition from one generation to another or from traditional to modern – it has to be a smooth and gradual transformation for a better India.

  3. Our country is always worth fighting for and like you mentioned, we have it in our hands to mend it via small actions and working towards a progressive transformation. We need to join hands together to heal India.

  4. With it’s vast population and innumerable cultures, India has many avenues to explore.
    People adopting newer transitions where old ones have followed it for so many years will be quite the challenge

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