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Notre-Dame Cathedral: Paris

Devastating Loss for All…

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I’ve had an opportunity to visit the famous Notre-Dame cathedral on 6th July 2018 during my Euro-trip. After the recent devastating event, the fire on 15th April 2019 the Cathedral has sustained heavy damage to its architecture and wood work. I’m writing this post as a memoir for the loss of a grand monument.

The Cathedral is an impressive, massive and imposing monument built in the 12-14th century. The cathedral has seen ages pass by standing still at the bank of River Seine. It’s standing on the Ile de la Cite and it represents French Gothic architecture.


It houses the world famous Gargoyles which gained its popularity from Victor Hugo’s movie “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”.

The View from top

We all arrived at the Notre-Dame cathedral at 4 PM in the evening giving us just the time to gain entry in the Cathedral. The entry gate is beautifully carved with animated statues of saints. The architecture of the cathedral is remarkable.


How to get to Notre-Dame?

  • Metro- Cite´ metro-4
  • Bus- HOHO (Hop on Hop Off) bus
  • Bus stand- St. Michels- Notre Dame
The Rickshaw

Things to see:

  • Bells of Notre Dame the oldest is called Emmanuel
  • Gargoyles & Chimera
  • The organ- Massive musical instrument
  • Twin towers
  • The main Entrance & The Glass Work
  • The Crown and Silver of the Cross of Christ
The Entryway

The Paris Pass gives discounts on entry fees. You should purchase it to save money.

The Organ


  • Book slots in advance
  • The booking closes by 2:00 PM so book early
  • Bookings are open from 7:30AM in the morning for the same day
Notre-Dame in Night

Don’t forget to enjoy the open street café near Notre-Dame they’re well placed & food is good. sitting in café with great view, good food and amazing wine. What else do we need?

The Arches

I hope the Restoration of Notre-Dame completes soon so that the cathedral is open for visitations.

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Fingers crossed.

Happy Travelling to all

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15 thoughts on “Notre-Dame Cathedral: Paris”

  1. I have never been to Paris, and now with this beautiful piece of Architecture lost I have lost a major incentive to visit.Your post is a beautiful reminder of the splendor and glory of the Notre Dam Cathedral.I hope it is restored soon!

  2. It was truly a loss of historic importance. Looked your pictures. And I hope to one day see notre in all it’s glory.

  3. It is a lost wonder and I hope it is reinstated to it previous glory soon. Liked the upto point info for visiting Notre Dame.

  4. Even I feel lucky to have visited Notre dame a few years ago. My only regret is not taking pictures. It was before I started blogging, and at that point I was all about living the moment instead of trying to capture or document it.
    Thank you for sharing

  5. A part of history and architecture loss occurred in that disaster. It’s such a tragedy! Your photographs become important memoirs of a place that was so beautiful. Thanks for the share.

  6. Our study in French in school began with the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and since then at different stages of my life – whether studying the city for being a fashion capital or its gourmet food or the lifestyle- it stood tall in our minds. Our prayers for it to remain as statuesque as it’s always been.

  7. Notre Dame Cathedral has an ethereal beauty. We had visited it some years ago. This was before the devastating fire. We were shocked when we read about the incident and recalled the beautiful place and the pleasant memories.

  8. Was so saddening to hear about the fire at the Cathedral, Richa. I hope to visit France and at least look at what is left. It was amazing to see the show of support when the accident happened. Such a gorgeous monument.

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