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My Journey from Flab to Abs – I

I’m taking you all on the journey to get fit. This is my first post of the Fitness blog train. Come Aboard…

Let’s take this journey towards Fitness together.

There always comes a time when your body makes you realize that this is the limit. My body was giving me signs but I was ignoring them. I was in denial to the core.

A few weeks back I suddenly couldn’t fit in my favorite top and I realized, enough with it. I have to do something. I started walking in the evening after dinner but it was not enough and I cheat at times. So I realized it’s not the best way for me.



Find a Gym/Fitness centre:

You could opt for:

  • Gym
  • Fitness centre
  • Yoga centre
  • Zumba Class
  • Aerobics Class

Which ever makes to comfortable you could join that. Initially everyone is motivated enough to follow for 1 month. The sad part is that our body starts toning up or shaping up after 1-2 months. The apparent changes take more time, by then we either give up due to disappointment or boredom. The Trick is not to give up.

Keep up the Hard work.

What all should you look for in Gym/ Fitness Centre?

  • Distance
  • Location
  • Safety
  • Flexibility in Timings
  • Type of Crowd
  • Facilities
  • Prize
  • Equipment
  • Trainers

Since most of us are working or have many commitments to fulfill at home or workplace it’s very difficult to follow the same schedule it’s easier if the time is flexible enough for us.

The accessibility of the place and safety should always hold the priority.

Nothing is more important than safety.

The Damages to your pocket is very important while choosing the gym. If you’re unsure then always take 1-month trial before opting for membership.

The people who come to the gym/ facilities like lockers, shower, changing rooms are important for a few days when you’ve to rush directly from the gym or to the gym. Trainer and equipment should be up to the date so always check them out.

What all do you need?

Things that offer you freedom of movement should be bought for a workout. Uncomfortable or tight clothes might restrict your mobility while training.

Get Ready

Newbie in Gym?

  • Hire a personal trainer for the first month at least
  • Read about the equipment online, so that you know how to use them
  • Find a Gym Buddy
  • Invest in good headphones for music
  • Buy a wrist band for people who sweat a lot
  • Start slow and build up the pace

Lifestyle modifications/ dietary modifications all has to join in while you do the workout. Let’s start slow and steady so that we could win the race of Fitness.

How to Prepare for Gym? – Pin It
This is the Prepratory part where I am presently stuck. I'll share more in my next blogs let’s meet up with more on Getting Fit. 

Get Fit, Get Healthy.

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