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Should I get Inked?

When we see anyone with tattoo our reactions are varied, we might feel awed, fascinated, amazed, drawn, repulsed or intrigued. The questions that come to our minds when we see anyone with tattoos are: Should I get one?Would it be safe?Could I carry a tattoo?Do I want something so permanent on my skin?Last but not… Continue reading Should I get Inked?

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3 Up and Coming Destinations to Visit in 2019

As we head into summer, many of us begin searching for our next break away. Let me share my ‘to-do’ list with beautiful hidden gems should you decide to head there. So much so that there’s often little left to discover for yourself! Here are three destinations you could discover on your next holiday:

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Nutrition Diet Myths & Life #Blogchatterebook

A Doctor by profession, Dr. Amrita Basu examined nutrition advice and diet choices around the world. She found some startling misadventures and myths. The biggest one is nutrition advice can be passed around by everyone. Nutrition advice needs trained professionals who understand the whole story.

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Learning Through Journeying. #Blogchatterebook

Through my travel tales, I’ll try to acquaint you with diverse places, people and their traditions. Also, be ready to experience some jitters mixed with moments full of joy and awe. I am hoping that this book will inspire some of you to travel, to learn, and to make your own stories.

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No more Groans and Moans: Ultrasound Therapy

It causes the generation of thermal and non-thermal which aids in healing. It penetrates tissues to a different depth. The ease of passage is known as Impedance. The impedance is enhanced with the use of Coupling media i.e. Oils/ Creams/ Gels. Most commonly used medium is anti-inflammatory gel.