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I’m a Doctor & I’m not a Terrorist!!!


What comes anyone’s mind when I tell them I’m a Doctor?

  • must be filthy rich.
  • would be printing currency.
  • fancy clothes she’s wearing comes out of some needy person.

Many more allegations I’ll get from most of the people, even from those whom I’ve never met or seen.

What did I do wrong?

I didn’t rob anyone. I’m a Proud Indian Citizen & I have my rights too.

When I wrote Dr. before my name I use to feel Proud now I feel Fear.

All I’m missing is a target on my back but everyone is firing their guns on me.

Recently there has been an alarming rise in incidents against doctors in our country the recent one being the Violence against an Intern doctor by Mob in Kolkata and protest by Doctors against the incident was answered by the ruling government as increased violence against the whole of faculty of the NRS Medical College Kolkata.

The Protests ran Nationwide

Did I choose a wrong profession?

Definitely, being a noble profession and all… I don’t feel noble at all. All I feel from people around me is antagonism and scrutiny at my every step.

The focus of people around doctors if they’re not cured,

“We’re angry let’s beat a Doctor”

“Whom to Crucify let’s file an FIR on the Hospital”.

After being God’s creation you caught a disease or got sick then, We doctors are only human-being with limited resources. Please don’t expect miracles from us.

All the aggression from society towards doctors have made the doctors cautious. We practice Safe Medicine. So what did we doctors learn from past few years of Mob Culture/Lynching/Shooting aimed at us by the society?

  • Play safe
  • Refer risky case
  • Not to put our foot into cases where relatives are aggressive
  • Almost perfect paperwork which means more work for relatives and patients
  • More investigations to be sure of disease and extent of disease
  • Even self-defense (which is useful in many places)
  • More security personals to be hired
Doctors take out a protest rally in Kolkatta, India, Friday, June 14, 2019. The doctors who were on strike since June 11 were protesting after two of their colleagues were attacked and seriously injured by family members of a patient. During the rally they demanded adequate security and protection for them in the hospitals. (AP Photo/Bikas Das)

Who’s at fault?

Every Doctor in our country has faced Abuse or Violence at least once in our life. Is it our fault?

Not Always: Nowadays people are short-tempered and stressed, which is leading to increasing violence. No one has Right to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Kindly curb the violence we’re trying too but if one sword would be removed from our heads we would strive better. We understand your grief and anger at loss, “WE TRIED TOO” but we can’t make everything right, we have limited resources and we’re not GOD.

Every time The Doctor is not wrong

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Good and bad people are there in every profession so kindly don’t make a generalized statement. Please for a few minutes listen to the doctor too he’ll explain if given a chance. Violence doesn’t solve anything.

Let’s together be a responsible citizen and Stop the Wrong Practice of Lynching and Violence. Let’s Make India Better Place for Everyone.

One positive step from the Supreme Court: No Direct FIR could be filed against Doctors & Advocates

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We Still Have Miles to go before we Sleep….

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