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Travelling Europe? 4 Must-See Cities

Travelling Europe is a dream for adventurers the world over, regardless of background. Europe’s blend of old-world charm, modern megacities, and gorgeous, diverse landscapes are appealing to newbies and experienced Europeans alike. Even Europeans find it difficult, to sum up, the continent and are more likely to shrug in a bemused European way if asked. So when you’re planning a trip, it’s important you see some of Europe’s most charming cities. You know of London, Dublin, Paris, and Rome. You’ve probably already booked your tickets to Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Berlin too… but how about these four absolute must-see gems?

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1. Cambridge, England

England’s capital steals the travel limelight for first-time visitors, but the site of the prestigious Cambridge University is a destination in its own right. Only 50 miles north of London, the county seat of Cambridge shire operates at a much more relaxed pace. Cyclists abound in the city, which is also perfectly traversable on foot as you meander from picturesque pub to quaint green. Punting on the River Cam is a rite of passage for tourists, whilst soaking up the stunning ancient architecture that makes Cambridge one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

An economic powerhouse in Scandinavia, Sweden’s capital has a bit of swagger. And rightly so. Stockholm – comprised of 14 linked islands – manages to contrast it’s past and present with typical Scandinavian efficiency and plenty of charm whilst doing so. Hop around on one of over 50 bridges linking the archipelago, taking in the cobbled streets and ochre-shaded buildings of the Gamla Stan Old Town. This fairytale district of palaces, gables and basement bars is inspiring enough even without the dash of Viking history on display. Modern Stockholm will not be left out though – the stylish streets of the modern center showcase a fusion of understatement, practicality, and luxury to rival anything in Paris or Milan.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is like a playground of history, absolutely littered with world heritage sites and incredible, haunting architecture. The majestic Charles Bridge alone is worth the trip with its striking statues, but Prague is also host to one of the world’s most ancient castles as well as the aptly named Old Town Square. Mazy cobbled streets give way to hidden courtyards and magnificent spired chapels. A simple walk in the Czech gem can quickly turn into an adventure! To top it off, Prague is infamous not just for its quintessential European cafe culture, but also a beer scene described as “the best in Europe”. Sold, yet?

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Spain’s more relaxed neighbor, Portugal remains a very well kept secret. Lisbon, in particular, is one of Europe’s most underrated destinations for tourists with so much going on you’ll need to do plenty of preparation work first! Lisbon features charming coastal scenery next to old-world squares, with a rattling old tram crisscrossing through hills and across tiny cobbled streets, all whilst hosting a booming food scene. Try a ‘Pastel de Nata’ in the popular Time Out Food Market and you’ll understand why Lisbon is the European hotspot that everyone is trying to keep to themselves!

Europe is diverse, ancient and memorable. Get the necessities sorted and start planning the trip of a lifetime!

Have a Beautiful and Economical Eurotrip.

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  1. Nice to read about these exotic destinations in Europe!! Enjoyed being an armchair traveler!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recommendations – your descriptions were so vivid that I think I have already made a trip to these cities in my head!

  3. Have done a eurotrip earlier but didnt cover these cities. Definitely on my list for the next one. Wonderful write up 🙂
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