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GERD- A Lot More Than Heartburn- II

How to treat it?

GERD or also known as Acid Reflux is now becoming one of the most upcoming diseases nowadays. In my Previous Post, I discussed a few very important facts about GERD or Acid Reflux in this post we’ll know about the treatment options.

Is reflux treatable?

Yes, Definitely.

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Is GERD dangerous?

Yes, It could be Dangerous.

10% of cases of Chronic GERD could lead to a precancerous condition Barrett’s Esophagus which has 1% of chances of developing Adenocarcinoma Esophagus.


Lifestyle Modification:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential even imperative but in GERD it’s therapeutic too. We need to make changes in the long term to improvement in Acid Reflux.

  • Exercise/ Yoga/ Aerobics
  • Avoid Late nights/ Less sleep
  • Maintain a difference of 2 hours between food intake and sleeping
  • Stop smoking
  • No Alcohol

Diet Modifications:

Maintaining better eating habits is always helpful. It’s essential for the treatment of GERD too.

  • Avoid Oily/ Spicy Food
  • Avoid aerated drinks/ coffee/ Tea/ Chocolate/ Peppermint
  • Multiple small meals should be taken
  • Don’t keep the stomach empty for a longer duration
  • Salad diet
  • Avoid citrus food
  • No late-night snack

Few additional tips:

  • Raise the head end of the bed to avoid reflux in night
  • Avoid abdominal exercises
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes

Medical Management:

  • Antacids
  • H2 Blockers
  • Proton Pump inhibitors (PPI)

Or a combination of above for a duration of 3-6 months

Treatment Aims

Surgical Management

Fundoplication: narrowing of the Lower esophageal sphincter (LES) which could be achieved by many techniques:

  • Laparoscopic Banding
  • Radiofrequency
  • Titanium beads – LINX

All the above modalities are important but most of all lifestyle and dietary modification could lead to long term relief.

Healthy Stomach, Healthy Life.

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  1. Very important tips for heartburn. Lifestyle and dietary modifications help a lot. Managing stress also contributes in avoiding acidity.

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