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Best Vampire Romance Novels

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I pick up any novel but invariably I end up reading either Historical Romance, Fantasy Romance or Epic Novel series, Standalone is not my cup of tea. I couldn’t resist Paranormal Romance Series so finally, I thought to share my list of best Vampire romance novels with you. I hope you like my top 5 novels.


The Twilight Saga By Stephenie Meyer

Who hasn’t heard of the romantic tale of Edward Cullen and Bella? I have this novel memorized to the last page. It’s one of my favorites which I can read N number of times. The Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb.
  • New Moon
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn

Dark Prince

Dark series by Christine Feehan

This novel is based on the Carpathians who mates once in a life. The Carpathian are born with special powers and they’re sensitive to light. This series is full of alpha males and strong females fighting there way from bad vampires and saving the world.

Halfway to the Grave

Night Huntress series By Jeanine Frost

The series is a romance novel of a Vampire Bones with a Demi-Vampire Cat who was mentored by Bones for killing bad vampires. It’s hilarious and keeps you on your toes all the time.

Dark Lover

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J. R. Ward

Wrath the leader of Black Dagger Brotherhood. He is handed over with the task by his most trusted warrior’s death to take care of his daughter Beth. Beth has no idea of her heritage and the brotherhood. She’s suddenly exposed to a new world and to Wrath too. It’s very hard to ignore Wrath and his hypnotic dark eyes.

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire?

Love at Stakes series by Kerrelyn Sparks

Welcome to the dangerous—and hilarious—the world of modern-day vampires. There are vampire cable channels, a celebrity magazine called Live with the Undead, and just like the living, vampires have dental emergencies. That’s how dentist Shanna Whelan, a mortal female, meets the smolderingly undead Roman Draganesti and finds her life turning absolutely batty… I hope you like my list of Vampire Romance Novels. Happy Reading to all.
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