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Adios #MyFriendAlexa 2019

#MyFriendAlexa 8

With this post, I’m bidding my Farewell to this year’s (2019) My Friend Alexa it has a been a mixed season for me. I did complete the whole 8 posts of but believe me I did it at the last possible moment. My Friend Alexa’s season 3 was very organized since I kept one back-up post for an emergency, More on MyFriendAlexa Unveiled.

This year every possible thing that could go wrong it did:

  • I lost my write-up theme in the middle so I had to switch to a different post idea.
  • My site crashed twice.
  • My long-awaited job interview fell in the middle of the season.
  • I had to travel so I finished 3 day’s Reading list & 1 Post in a single day.

I mailed Blogchatter who were very supportive and they even let me submit my post despite the delay on my part.

My Organized-self went into fits literally this month.

I did get a fantastic mail from Blogchatter for my prompt reading.

What did I achieve in this season?

  • Alexa ranking Jump.
  • Blog Traffic hike
  • My writing schedule improved
  • I gained many followers
  • Improved my blog’s interface to handle the traffic
  • Multi-tasking skill improvement
  • I got the job

What I found lacking in this season?

Blogchatter organized this season amazingly as always but I found least interaction between the bloggers which was very encouraging to some extent. The positive drive from many participant fellow bloggers helps you in writing the posts.

  • Lack of inter-blogger interaction.
  • I gained no new friends this season.
  • I missed the chat which we use to have in our twitter group last year.
  • There was no positive or negative input on blog interface by twitter group bloggers.
  • I felt separated in this season from the activity.

This is my last post of the #MyFriendAlexa Season 4-2019.

Living Herself’s

Reading: #LHreads

Writing: #LHwrites

#MyFriendAlexa Journey

Will catch you same time, same place next year.

Adios!!! Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa 2019

Till next year bye.

Alexa Global Rank: 237079

Alexa Country Rank: 14286

Disclaimer: I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

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