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An escapade to Sirmour Valley, Nahan

Nahan, Himachal Pradesh #FamilyVacation

The AQI of NCR is touching 700 this was the right time to give your lungs a break from the smothering oppressive SMOG around us. As the weekend was arriving our family decided to take a small tour to the nearest Valley from Delhi so we all decided to travel to Nahan, Himachal Pradesh.

Nahan was all we ever expected. In the midst of the mountains, Sirmour Valley was breathtaking. Under the constant shroud of clouds with a slight chill in the weather, we reached there just at the right time. It was not too chilly & snowing and not too hot that it’s unbearable.

View from Sirmour Retreat


Distance from Delhi: 320 Km

Time of Travel: 6 hours

Best time to visit: Apr-Sept

Temperature: 17 Degree

Mode of travel: Taxis, Car. Roads are good and motorable with moderate traffic

Stay: 1-2 Days

Nearest airport: Chandigarh

No Railway accessibility

The Air Quality Index was 3, nothing could beat the clear air on Nahan and the serenity around us.

My Journey:

We started our journey at 6 AM to avoid all traffic and by 8 AM we had our first halt at Murthal, Haryana. Murthal is famous for its mouthwatering Parathas. After our stomachs were full we all resumed the journey to Nahan.

Suketi fossil Park:

We arrived Nahan at 1 PM had our Lunch and straight away rushed to Suketi Fossil Park. It was a small place but with loads of fossil and knowledge. We explored each and every section. Suketi housed Fossils of:

  • Human skulls and weapons
  • Mammoth
  • Tortoise
  • Shells to link it with the sea
  • Prehistoric Fishes, snails & Frogs.

With this archeological survey site, they’re able to prove that everything was under the sea before our civilization begins.

Jaitak Fort was closed so we couldn’t visit it and decided to go to the resort.

Sirmour Retreat:

After the park, we went to our Resort: Sirmour Retreat which was just amazing. We immediately started taking pictures at every nook and corner since the light was already fading by 4 PM.

Mountain View Cottage

We took our evening tea and rested for an hour then we enjoyed the indoor board games and card games that were provided by the resort.

At night they arranged a campfire and DJ at dinner time which everyone enjoyed to the core. Finally, the exhaustion caught up with us and we drifted off to rejuvenating sleep.

Nahan at night from Resort

Morning greeted us with an amazing view of the Valley. After breakfast, we checked out of the resort. Clicked a lot of pics.

Badholia Baba Temple:

Baba Badolia Waterfall

We resumed our journey to Renuka Ji. We came across a small waterfall at Bandolia Baba Temple. The water was chilly and refreshing. After a short halt, we continued further to RenukaJi it was around 1.5 Hours from Nahan.

Sunset View from Room

Renuka Ji Temple:

RenukaJi Is a Holi Place. Renuka Ji is the mother of God Parshuram and it’s her only temple in India.  The temple is situated near a lake in the heart of the mountains. It was a very beautiful and calm place. we visited the temple enjoyed the view of the lake and started our journey back to Delhi at 3 PM.

The return journey was mostly spent chattering about the place, exchanging photographs last but not least making memories.

It was a memorable trip.

Happy Travelling to all.

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  1. Last year i went to Sirmour Valley, Nahan , it was an unforgettable experience for me .Badholia Baba Temple i visited i can relate your experience with me .Nicely you shared . Really loved this blog.

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