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My Experimental Gardening

Gardening always fascinated me but I never had the courage to try it out. One day I gathered my courage and marched into a nursery. I use to drive by many nurseries on my way to work so I randomly picked one. I wanted to try my hand at a few plants and I had no idea about it. I just knew that plants look pretty. I purchased a few flowering bright plants and I ended up killing half of them.

First Try:

More than 50% of my purchased plants died of over or under-watering. My mistakes were many. I’ll point out the stupidest ones first:

  • Purchasing plants without any knowledge about them
  • Buying the beautiful plants without considering about care they need
  • Putting them anywhere just because they look pretty on the spot
  • Treating every plant as equal
  • Not pruning and fertilizing them

My mistakes that lead to my “Plant Murderer” Title.

Second Try:

Now that I was comparatively wiser I changed the strategy. I purchased the hardy plants from the nursery and asked the gardener details of placement and watering care. The special needs of plants. I googled about them I purchased a few important things:

  • Gardening Tools: shovel, fork, spade (mini versions coz I have pots not actual garden yet)
  • Fertilizer
  • Pots
  • Gloves

Now that I was almost ready to try my hand again I purchased:

  • Moon Cactus
  • Ixora Dwarf
  • Peace lily
  • Mogra
Moon Cactus

Peace Lily died despite my efforts to save it, my success rate is going up I was at 75% success rate. It’s a very encouraging number.

Third Try:

With more confidence, I’ve now purchased Succulents, with my increasing confidence my garden is slowly increasing too. Although I still play safe and prefer Succulents & Cactus. I’ve finally purchased the colorful winter flowering plants- Gerbera.


Fingers Crossed for my Plants.

Happy Gardening to all

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