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Are You a Flu Fighter? #IPromisetoStopFlu

Flu is a dangerous life-threatening infection of the respiratory system. It’s contagious and spreads from person to person through droplets. The worst thing is that everyone is susceptible to the disease.

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Adieu to The Last Teen Year 2019

As we’re welcoming 2020 we must bid our Goodbye to 2019. Here I’ll summarize my 2019 all the good n the bad days. I’ll count this year as a great achievement, it was a survival test to the core at every step for me. I’m still here so the survival of the fittest too.

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Do I have Hoarseness?

Hoarseness or change in voice is one symptom that would immediately drag you to a doctor. It’s a symptom that could be an indication of a common cold or a grave disease, so we’ve to be very cautious in our approach towards it.

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Best of Bollywood 2019

Year 2019 has been a mixed year in terms of good and bad movies. Even in liking few movies did great even when they were not worth it. In this post, I’m enlisting the top 5 Bollywood movies of 2019 which I felt were outstanding this year.

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How Not to Kill Succulents?

Succulents look very fragile and dainty but they’re very resilient plants. We should take care of them accordingly and at times extra care and attention do lead to their demise. As an amateur gardener, these are the right kind of plants to start with.