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Bollywood Disasters of 2019

The year 2019 has been full of disappointments but few movies did perform outstandingly. These few good movies made this year’s Bollywood production just tolerable. I had such high hopes for 2019 but let’s hope in the last few weeks we don’t have to face any more disappointing movies.

Finger’s crossed for Bollywood release 2019…


This movie was truly a complicated romance story. Till the end of the movie I couldn’t understand the “Love quadrangle or pentangle”. The star cast was wasted on the movie no amount of acting and songs could save the movie.

One good thing about the movie was its name at least the movie lived up to its name “KALANK”.

Accidental Prime Minister:

It’s an Indian Biographic Drama but it has been picturized in the worst way ever. Just another propaganda movie went down the drain.

In this movie Manmohan Singh, an Economist pulls India out of chaos and uncertainty. This movie is a journey of India from 2004 to 2014.

Kabir Singh:

It’s a remake of a Telugu movie Arjun Reddy. It’s a Romantic drama of a Surgeon who proceeds towards a path of self-destruction when his girlfriend leaves him.

In this movie, a psychotic angry young doctor was in love with a junior doctor and she leaves him which lead to his further downfall. People portray it as a love story but if this is love then “ONE TIGHT SLAP” from my side to wake them up.  

Student of the Year-2:

As if a Student of the Year-1 was not torture enough for us that they’ve launched part 2. Rohan follows his love at a university. He gets thrown out of the university and he leads his old college’s team to victory in the inter-college cup. He gets Student of The Year award.

It’s more of a planned debut of Sutaria & Panday with Tiger Shroff rather than a movie. I couldn’t even last the first half of the movie.

Total Dhamaal:

Just like it’s prequels this movie too was riddled with so many actors and the comedy forced in the movie. Everyone is in search of the hidden treasure and reaches the destination together to get hold of it.

Comedy was forced in the movie to the point of desperation. Watching this movie would certainly lead to “Total Headache

In this list, I’d love to add a few more memorable disasters of this year

  • PM Narendra Modi
  • Photograph
  • Judgmental Hai Kya
  • Thackeray

Let’s hope that we don’t have to bear with more Bollywood Disasters this year.

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