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Adieu to The Last Teen Year 2019

Happy New Year 2020

As we’re welcoming 2020 we must bid our Goodbye to 2019. Here I’ll summarize my 2019 all the good & the bad days. I’ll count this year as a great achievement, it was a survival test to the core at every step for me. I’m still here so the survival of the fittest too.

I’m hoping next year would be better.

I’m sad about this year 2019:

  • I bid goodbye to my Dhanno– 8 years old car
  • Left a job n remained unemployed for almost a month
  • Saved nothing at all
  • Have not made my name professionally yet
  • The blog is barely surviving

And miles to go before I sleep so the list of my things are endless

But a few good things happened in 2019:

new car
My New Car

 With these things I’ve decided on the goals for 2020:

  • Work on my blog
  • Professionally gain recognition
  • Learn Dance/ Salsa
  • Get a New Phone
  • Lose 10 Kg (still on the list since past few years)
  • Visit a new country
  • Achieved half of the goals from the 2018 list.

Dilemmas of 2020:

  • Should I change my house?
  • buy automatic washing machine n change my semi?
  • Do I invest in SIP (Systemic Investment Plan)??

Choices- Choices I’ll ponder on them in the next few months…

With this post, I’m Bidding my Good-Bye to my “Last Teen year 2019” Welcome 2020.

Miss you already 2019.

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