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Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants

Gardening is my newly developed hobby and a reprieve from chaos too. I’m fairly new to gardening and I started my journey as a “Plant Killer”. With time and lots of Googling & Pinteresting (learning from Pinterest), I learned how not to kill plants by my Experimental Gardening.


When it comes to indoor plants I started my journey with Cactus and Succulents, I ended up killing half of the plants due to overwatering. Then I soon realized my mistake and planted the new ones. With my regained confidence I moved on to Peace lily, Boston fern, Spider plant and many more. I’m going to share my list of indoor plants that require less care and add tremendous beauty and positivity to your house.

My list of hardy Indoor Plants:

Boston Fern:

It’s a cute plant with lots of hanging branches it can live well in less light and sunlight well.

Boston Fern

Sunlight: medium

Water: 5-6 days

Tip: Keep it out in sunlight once/ twice a month for a few hours.

Peace Lily

It’s a beautiful dark-leaved plant with white flowers. It comes under the category of Air Purifier. It needs very less light and less humidity.

Pin It

Sunlight: less/ indirect

Water: 5-10 days

Tip: Let it dry completely in between watering the plant.

Snake plant

It’s a hardy plant like aloe vera it needs very little care and flourishes well in dim light too. It’s an air purifier plant.

Sunlight: direct to rare

Water: 5-10 days

Tip: They’re desert plants so they can thrive well in direct sunlight and in rare light well too. They need a lot of light so indirect light is also good for them or else keep them outside in the direct sun once a week if you’ve planted it in low light.

Spider plant:

It’s a beautiful light green colored plant with multiple drooping twines. It looks good in a spiller planter. It requires very little care and infrequent watering.

Sunlight: medium/ rare

Water: 5-10 days

Tip: You can keep the plant in sunlight for a few hours if the tips start turning yellow.

Haworthia (succulent)/ Cactus

They can survive adverse situations. They could survive with very less water and frequent/medium sunlight. A preferable place for these plants would be a window sill

Sunlight: direct/ frequent

Water: 10-15 days

Tip: They thrive well in harsh sunlight.

For more on Succulent/ Cactus care: How not to Kill a succulent?


It’s a low light indoor plant but I survive well in humidity so it’s the best plant to survive on your bathroom window. The care level is slightly high for orchids but they look marvelous inside the house.

Sunlight: low/rare

Watering: 5-10 days

Tip: Keep spraying water in between for it to survive well.

Pothos/ Money Plant

They’re found in every home. They could grow out of a small twine too. Just plant it in direct water jar or in a planter they can survive both well. They’re creepers so they have a tendency to climb.

Sunlight: low/rare

Watering: frequent

They require very little care and can live in a bathroom or most places well. They can survive in indirect light but the harsher sun could kill the plant.

Few more plants are very good for indoor purpose but I’ve not yet tried them out:

English Ivy
  • Rubber plant
  • Jade plant
  • English Ivy
  • Ficus tree
  • Palm tree
  • Aloe Vera
Palm Tree

That’s all, for now, I’ll get back with more on summer plants when I’ll do my winter to summer transition of plants.

Thrive like a Cactus and Bloom like a Lily.

Be happy and Positive.

In Love with Coleus? Know about Coleus Care: Here

6 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants”

  1. Oh my gosh, I was just talking to my friend the other day about how I can’t keep an indoor plant alive but I can have a garden outside..LOL Thank you for these tips! I will implement them when I get some more indoor plants and hopefully they won’t die on me like the last two hehe

  2. I have the talent to kill even a cactus and this is when I have been a botany student. I am keen to have a balcony garden, so your post is timely and very helpful. Will follow your tips and hope to have a lot of blooms around me. Thanks Richa 🙂

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