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Let There be Colors #Holi

Festival of colors

Holi is a much-awaited festival of India “the Festival of Colors” it’s considered as a benchmark of leaving winters and arriving spring in our country. The story behind the festival is Holika (wicked Aunt) tries to burn Prahalad (Prince) on the pyre, she was immune to fire but she ends up getting burned herself. She had the gift of immunity against fire till the time she uses her gifts for good but she was performing an evil deed so she ends up getting burned herself.

Holi is celebrated for the victory of good over bad.

This year the festival of Holi is being celebrated but with a lot of caution and precautions because of the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Festivals are a great way to celebrate time with friends and family but this year we all should change our outlook towards the festival and enjoy a bit of “we time” with family.

Things you could enjoy on Holi:

  • Watch a movie together with popcorn & nachos
  • Play board games/ cards
  • Play Dumb-should-ask/ or movie games
  • Catch with old friends or family over phone/ WhatsApp
  • Organize/ rearrange the house
  • Utilize time in organizing the winter to summer transition of wardrobe.

Precautions to be taken on Holi:

  • Do not put colors in eyes, mouth, nose & ears
  • Use herbal colors instead of chemicals
  • Do not use intoxicants/ drugs
  • Don’t eve tease/ disrespect women
  • Avoid fights and brawls

We should not misuse our right to force ourselves on someone in the name of festivals.

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As an important note I’m reminding you of the situation of CoVID-19 please take all the Precautions. nCoV-2  is a very grounded virus it’s not an airborne virus it spreads by droplet transmission or by used object by an infected person like metal or cloth.

Precautions for CoVID-19:

  • Cover your mouth while sneezing/coughing
  • Use masks in public places/ hospitals/ visiting infected people
  • Wash your hands with soap & water for 20 seconds
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Do not consume semi-cooked or raw meat
  • Avoid close contact with sick/ infected people.
  • Do not touch eyes/ nose/ mouth with dirty hands
  • If sick stay indoor to avoid cross-infection
  • Seek medical health if sick

The designated centers by Delhi Govt are RML and Safdarjung hospital. Visit them in case of any doubt.

Be Healthy & Have a Great Holi

Happy Holi to all.

5 thoughts on “Let There be Colors #Holi”

  1. Such beautiful colors! I love that Holi is celebrated for the victory of good over bad.What a lovely tradition. Thank you for also sharing some precautions for the coronavirus. Happy Holi to you!

  2. I think this year, Holi was low key everywhere due to Corona virus scare. I used to love playing holi till a few years ago, but now I just dont step out and prefer to stay at home and gorge on goodies and relax and enjoy with family.

  3. I hope people were safe this Holi. But also glad it didn’t dampen the spirit of Holi. We need to be safe, not just for us, but also for others. You have mentioned very important points. Something we all should be mindful of.

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