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30 Things To Do During #Lockdown

We all are in the same boat when we’re stuck in our home with nothing but our thoughts to keep us busy. Our head is not always the best place to be in during lockdown. A million thoughts would be chaotic to deal with and on top of that, we’ve million or so questions, insecurities, uncertainties to deal with so we might as well do something else.

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Vaccines: All We Should Know About Them!!!

We all have used Vaccines more than ones in our lives and even cried while we got vaccinated. We were often told that it’s for our own good that we need the vaccines. All the pain & fear of injections is not in vain we’ll be in better health after vaccination.

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Mental Health and #COVID-19 #CauseAChatter

We all know that we’re fighting an unknown Virus SARS CoV-2 which has caused a worldwide epidemic COVID-19. We’re discovering more about the virus but in the meanwhile, we all are taking precautions to protect ourselves. We all are under lockdown and we’re facing the Virus by Social distancing.