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A Letter From #COVID-19 with Love #WorldHealthDay

World Health Day- 7th April

I’d like to share A Letter on World Health Day from COVID-19 for everyone regarding the recent visit.

The Letter:

Hi Everyone,

How are you?

I hope my letter is reaching you all in ill health and at the worst time of your life. I’m very very happy and growing exponentially everywhere.

As you know that I recently decided to start my world tour from China. Initially I was very unhappy I was not getting Visa to any country but then I hitch hiked my ride with few ignorant people and entered many countries. The best welcome I found was in:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Iran
  • US

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Although a few other countries are opening up for me but not as fast as I expected, but not to worry I know I’ll be welcomed there soon enough. My dear fellow, I’m writing to you because I’ve decided to visit your country too. I’m forwarding you my requirements for my comfortable stay there. I’ve heard that your country is “Very Hospitable”.

My List of Requirements:

  • Crowded places
  • Ignorant people
  • Less health care facilities
  • A growing economy which can’t afford to spend too much on the health sector
  • Not under lockdown
  • I would like to visit some social gathering (like Tablighi Jamaat) during my stay
  • I’d love to visit all the hospitals esp. the ones with less Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Masks & Sanitizers.
  • I enjoy Public & private transports so I’d like to travel by bus, taxi, flights, everything.
  • I’m not planning to leave soon so please make the itinerary accordingly I want to visit every corner of the country.

Please make sure to avoid few things:

  • I hate it when people are rude and wear masks.
  • I’m a very social person I love personal touch and hugs a lot.
  • I’m esp fond of old people but everyone else are good too so I want to get in touch with the elder population.
  • I don’t like people spraying hand sanitizers or alcohol based products on me. I’m severely allergic to them.
  • I love sharing
  • While I’m visiting please tell people to come out and greet me personally a hug, handshake or a peck any gesture of warmth would be deeply appreciated.
  • I hate negative marketing.

After you’ve taken care of the above stated points. I’d like to hire my own marketing team and emphasize on my positive points.

My Positive Marketing Points:

  • I’ve given nature time to heal
  • Animals are roaming around freely
  • Air quality index (AQI) is better
  • The population is under control
  • Families have together time to improve bonding
  • People have the “Me Time
  • Everyone is indulging in hobbies
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I’m so Misunderstood by Everyone:

  • I don’t understand what is my fault?? I even have to teach you all how to sneeze and cough “Duh! Seriously”!!!
  • I’m just a friendly person if you all don’t take your Cleanliness & Health seriously why am I to blame???
  • Your eating habits invited me to China in the first place now you’re throwing me out of everywhere. So Rude.
  • All I wanted was to spread Love Globally now everyone Hates me.
  • Now blame the rising Depression and Anxiety on me too… Huh!!!

I’m planning to make this a long term thingy… I’m even compromising on the bad weather conditions of your country. So make sure the I get friendly reception at airports. Your rude airport authorities have a bad habit of putting me in Quarantine Facilities every time I try entering “That’s so not done”.

With Lots of Love.

Yours Forever

Coronavirus Alias COVID-19 Alias SARS CoV-2 (Don’t Confuse me with Flu/Cold)

PS: Love to spend Quality time till the Vaccine arrives “Muuuah…”

10 thoughts on “A Letter From #COVID-19 with Love #WorldHealthDay”

  1. Good morning. What an insightful post. It’s so scary and all this pandemic, but it can be overcome I strongly believe in that. And in contrary its teaching us to be extta hygienic which is something good at least

  2. An excellent article, we just hope once things calm down a little that each country will now consider the health care that it provides to all its citizens, this disease has proven that everybody can be vulnerable, and that we must ensure that all citizens have access to quality helath care, housing and access to clean water

  3. I love this letter, Richa. Very creative but informative at the same time. It is full of insightful points and advice. How true that we tend to take things for granted and expect all the right outcomes!

  4. The letter from Mr Corona himself! Loved this creative letter… it is sharing the right information with precautions and advice. The positive marketing points are soooo coool and made me smile 😀

  5. Haha I love the comedy of this letter but it also gets all of the points across in such a fun way. I love how humorous and not serious but serious it is..I know I just contradicted myself but everyone who reads this article knows what I’m talking about lol. Thank you for lightening the mood but also staying informative

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