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30 Things To Do During #Lockdown

We all are in the same boat when we’re stuck in our home with nothing but our thoughts to keep us busy. Our head is not always the best place to be in during lockdown. A million thoughts would be chaotic to deal with and on top of that, we’ve million or so questions, insecurities, uncertainties to deal with so we might as well do something else.


Maintaining proper Mental Health is very essential when you’re alone at home. I tried many things to keep myself busy and few things helped and few didn’t so I’m going to share 30 things that helped me overcome the boredom in this lockdown:

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  1. Organize the cupboard.
  2. Update the CV.
  3. Finish pending paperwork like pending forms or starting online banking etc.
  4. Arrange the important documents like certificates, tax returns in order.
  5. Declutter the socks, tights, or undergarment section.
  6. Clean up the Mail inbox & unsubscribe to useless newsletters that fill up your mails.
  7. Make a scrapbook of old photos / arrange the photo album.
  8. Learn Dancing, Painting, or photography on YouTube.
  9. Develop a hobby like Gardening, Cooking, Sewing.
  10. Learn a new language online
  11. Indulge in self-care like Manicure, Pedicure, etc.
  12. Finish the pending books/ novels.
  13. Experimental Cooking.
  14. Rearrange the Living room or bedroom.
  15. Indulge in Meditation/ Yoga/ Zumba/ Aerobics.
  16. Do Workout/ exercise.
  17. Take online courses on Skill Development like writing/ painting/ sketching/ web designing/ Blogging etc.
  18. Update the playlist/ song list.
  19. Finish the pending web series on Netflix/ Prime/ Hotstar.
  20. Pamper Yourself like scrub/ facemask etc.
  21. Enjoy origami/ painting pots/ planters/ wall art/ DIY things etc.
  22. Learn embroidery/ patchwork/ mend the buttons or torn sleeves.
  23. Organize the finances like Bank accounts/ Tax payment/ savings/ debts/ Loans.
  24. Organize the Kitchen/ Pantry.
  25. Clean the fridge & freezer.
  26. Throw the unwanted stuff from home.
  27. Thoroughly clean & scrub the bathroom.
  28. Backup the laptop/ blogs/ important data/ Photos.
  29. Make to do lists for Kitchen/ utensils/ appliances/ shopping etc.
  30. Make emergency Kits/ medicine kits etc.

I’ve finished many things off this list and few are still in the process but feel free to modify things according to your comfort and enjoy the lockdown the best you can.


If interested the you can take up with many challenges going on during lockdown. Uploads pictures and enjoy the challenges like: Travel During Lockdown, You at 20, in a saari, ethnic wear and many more.

You can find enjoyment in almost every situation if you try so have fun I hope you might end up learning many new things during the lockdown.

Stay home Stay Safe.

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6 thoughts on “30 Things To Do During #Lockdown”

  1. This is a great list, we have certainly being experimenting with cooking. We have also finally got a veg patch to go with our fruit trees, so hopefully later inthe year will be eating and cooking with our own produce

  2. What a cool list! I’ve been super uber active throughout lockdown, its like I came alive and opened up to all sorts of new opportunities – including some of the one’s you listed:

    plenty of organising and decluttering going on,
    been meaning to unsubscribe to newsletters but haven’t got around to it,
    not learning dancing as such, but doing a lot of dancing around the lounge with my son,
    been doing Wii Fit Yoga and other Wii Fit fun games too,
    taking loads of online courses and watching loads of webinars,
    watching some interesting Netflix series (loved Selfmade by CJ Walker)
    and oh and yes, cleaned the bathrooms. Ugh.

    Have been 100% in ACTION every day, homeschooling my son and doing loads of business. It’s been pretty wild and also wildly exciting. 🙂

  3. Oh, I have done almost all the things from this list regarding organizing and de-cluttering. In fact our home is Diwali ready minus the paint 😀
    My WFH and AtoZ Challenge has kept me busy so havent had the time to watch Netflix… From 30th April, I’d binge watch on movies and series and of course catch up on my reading too. A fab list which I must share with a friend who is BORED and fed up of lock down! May be she’d find some inspiration. 🙂

  4. I am lucky that the main difference for me during this lockdown is the joy of having my family at home, and cooking a whole lot more than usual. The downside is finding supplies. But we’ve all been pretty busy with our work and I am happy to say that there hasn’t been a bored moment. I even mastered baking wholewheat bread without yeast and a bunch of other things. Great list!

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