money plant
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7 Tips for Money Plant Care

Money Plant or Pothos is one of the easiest, low maintenance plants to have in the house. It’s a vine and if you’re new to gardening you could always start with this plant. It’s a beautiful plant that could grow till 10-15 feet in height if provided proper care. Usually as an Indoor Plant it reaches 5-6 ft in height. Although this plant requires very little care it still needs the right conditions to flourish and stay healthy forever.

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Dwarf Ixora’s Care Guide

Ixora is a shrub bearing beautiful clusters of flowers. They’re good plants that could bear heat well and are low maintenance so are very good plants for indoor and outdoor both. These plants grow up to 2 ft in height they’re great as hedges in the garden. They’re evergreen plants & great for warm climate.

peace lily
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How to Keep Peace Lily Happy & Blooming?

The peace lily is beautiful indoor plant which is also an air purifier. It’s considered a good plant to be kept in the bedroom for its positive energy. It produces beautiful white flowers & glossy dark green foliage of leaves

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How to Keep Coleus Healthy and Colorful?

If you’re the one who wants a colorful blossoming garden then coleus is the plant you should have in the garden. Coleus is easy to maintain, beautiful, vibrant, colorful plants. It’s low maintenance and could brighten the place up. It is available in a variety of colors and they’re very tolerant and could be used as both Outdoor or Indoor Plants.

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Do I Have Phobia??? #CauseAChatter

Phobia is an overwhelming, persistent, excessive, unrealistic fear of an object/ person/ animal/ activity or situation. It’s a type of Anxiety Disorder. It’s more common in females than in males.