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7 Plant Care Tips during Monsoon.

Monsoon is a much-awaited season for everyone. The rains, the clouds… nothing could be more beautiful than the first rain and the smell of sand. Monsoon is beautiful weather for everyone especially plants to grow & flourish. In monsoon, the plants show growth spurt so extra care is required. Monsoon is a great relief from the scorching heat and sun.

Although it’s a great time plants do need care during these times, esp. the indoor or balcony gardens. Here are a few tips to keep plants healthy during monsoons.

Plant Care Tips during Monsoon:

Good drainage:

Most of the pots have a drainage hole for draining of excessive water. Double-check the drainage holes of pots and remove any obstruction if present.


During the monsoons, the air is very humid so water the plants scarcely. Only water when you see the drying soil in the pots or the leaves start to wilt a bit.

Overwatering is the most common cause of plants to die during monsoon. Root rot is very common so to avoid it water the plant only when required. Once a week or in 10 days for indoor plants.


The soil mixture should be a well-draining soil to avoid water retention and root rot.

Pest Control:

During monsoons the pests like slugs, snails also flourish so spray insecticide regularly to avoid pest infestation. Mix neem oil in water and sprinkle on plants as a natural pest repellent.

Earthworms also flourish in this season, they help in plant growth by aerating the soil. Do not throw them out. Frogs help in pest control in gardens so they’re Gardener’s friends.

Protect young plants and saplings from harsh rains. Keep them in shaded area.


Prune your plants, trees, and shrubs give them shape or cut the overhangs, etc. this is the best time to do it since monsoon is a growth time they’ll bear it well in comparison to any other season.


Fertilize the plants to accelerate the growth. You could use cow manure, vermi-compost for plants.

Level the soil:

For ground or raised beds level the soil to avoid stagnation of water in the plant bed.

Rainy season is the best season to develop the terrace or balcony garden. So if you’re planning to start one go for it now.

I hope my post is helpful and your plants would enjoy the rainy season well.

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Happy Gardening to all..

4 thoughts on “7 Plant Care Tips during Monsoon.”

  1. Those are some really useful tips. Quite a few of my indoor plants did not make it through the monsoon. Root rot and no sunlight were the main reasons.

  2. Helpful tips for people like me who have just managed to transform a seed to a plant from a rakhi I got. I’m so happy and everyday I spend few minutes just cherishing and appreciating nature. However with heavy rains lashing Hyderabad for few days now, your tips will be helpful indeed.

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