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Let’s Fly High with #MyFriendAlexa 2020

My Friend Alexa has always been an awaited event for me. It happens once in a year: September but this year it was delayed for a month because of the “Renovation” of Blogchatter-02. The site has received a facelift and it looks amazing now. Features of new sites are amazing too.

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What Not to Do When Marriage is in Trouble? #MyFriendAlexa

Relationships often go through rough times, during these times couples face lots of ups and downs. A few relationships emerge victoriously and a few just drown in the troubles. The key to victory during difficult times is to avoid common mistakes that many couples do.

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What Not to Do When you’re Committed? #MyFriendAlexa

Commitment is when you’re with someone it doesn’t come with a tag, you might be Boyfriend-girlfriend, live-in, engaged, married, or just dating. It’s a word that explains your devotion to the relationship you’re in. When you’re committed there are few things you should never do else your relationship might be in jeopardy.

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What Not to Do When Breaking-up with Someone? #MyFriendAlexa

Break-up is bad no matter what you do, but you could always make it worst by not doing it the right way. There’s no way to break-up non painfully but you could aim for being neutral, non-accusatory, non-argumentative, empathetic & direct in your approach. You should be ready to face the consequences of break-up since you’re the one initiating the end of the relationship. There’s no need to delay the inevitable till the time they find it themselves and it’ll end up hurting them even more. So don’t drag it around, get it over as quickly as possible.

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What Not to Do When Meeting In-Laws? #MyFriendAlexa 2020

One of the most important meetings in a relationship is meeting the in-laws. Their approval has to be won to have a harmonious relationship in the future. A lot of relationships face issues because they couldn’t earn a thumbs up from in-laws. The only things in Laws have to judge is if you’re good enough for their child or not. You don’t have to raise a banner for it but have to show affection and love in small but meaningful gestures.