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What Not to Do in Love? #MyFriendAlexa

Post 3: MFA 2020, Season 5

Love is that wonderful feeling that makes the world around you beautiful. You’re loved and you love someone then you’re ready to move worlds for them. Love is unconditional but there’s a very fine line between devotion and doting so tread carefully you’d not even realized when you’ve stumbled on to the other side.  

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Forget your Friends

When you’re in love you tend to give more time to your relationship, which is totally natural. But do not forget the friends who have pulled you out from mess a thousand times and stood by your side.

BAE has their own place but BFFs are essential too.


If your partner is demanding you to leave your friends or family for them you should reassess your relationship: Is it Love or Control??

Keep updating Status on Social Media

You’re a social media person it’s understandable but reading lovie-dovie quotes just because you’ve found someone special is love overdose for everyone else. So keep it in mind, do not make your love the main social media content.

Over-tax your Finances

People tend to overshoot the finances by taking loved ones to expensive restaurants, getting highlights, buying expensive gifts, etc. do not overshoot your budget even when you’re in love.

Try not to reveal your accents and liabilities and financial status to your BAE. Your financial status is personal, do not share it with anyone.

Never loan money to your lover. Keep your love life and money separate many people are only attached to you for money so don’t get played by such people.

Crowd them

Don’t try and become the sole important person of their life. It makes the relationship toxic. You call, text, insta message, fb messenger…. Give it a break. Keep frequency of communication acceptable don’t overdo it.

They have life too beyond you, give them space.

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Become Over Jealous & Controlling

Everyone has friends or colleagues of opposite gender do not stalk them on social media or listen to their conversations or messages. Degree of trust to some level is the building block of a relationship.

Keep slight degree of suspicion but don’t be paranoid in a relationship.

Try to Change them

You found them good and now you’re trying to make them better, that’s the common excuse people give themselves when they’re trying to change a person. You love a person with their good and bad.

Lie and Pretend

The relationship starting on the pedestal of lie and deception would fall eventually. Do not lie just tell them you don’t know it’s easier.

Be yourself do not try and be a better version by lying.


Public Display of Affection (PDA) is acceptable just don’t overdo it so that you make everyone uncomfortable.

That’s all for now I hope you find my post helpful. If I missed something, feel free to drop a message.

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29 thoughts on “What Not to Do in Love? #MyFriendAlexa”

    1. i hope my tips would helps people.. these are some common mistake that happens when in love. “Love is blind” it’s said for the same reasons only.

  1. I can not agree more! I mean these are some practical things to do! I started dating my BAE 4 years ago, got engaged to him 2 years ago and married him 1 year ago – never in this whole process we have ever discussed our salaries or our investments. We still don’t. We both feel that financially, every person should have a personal life and that is really liberating!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the post & even though these are small points ; but they play a vital role in making or breaking a relationship.

  3. These are definitely some good tips. I guess while it’s important to lose oneself in love, one also needs to be realistic and logical as far as possible.

  4. I agree with most points of yours like one shouldnt loose out on friends and shouldnt try to change the other one. But sometimes PDA looks good too. ?

  5. yep, the love is blind adage can be really harmful sometimes. We would be wiser to be careful about some practical things.

  6. so very important tips! sometimes, we forget and get excited and carried away 🙂
    i think we can still balance out on most things, except if finances get entangled – then things can go south pretty fast!

  7. I think love makes us do unusual things like focussing our attention only on the one we love, splurging, forgetting friends and being needy of their attention. Great pointers in the post. I enjoyed the read.

  8. Good practical points to keep in mind, even when in love. Following them can help keep misunderstandings away.
    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #blogchatter

  9. Completely agree with all the four points. But love is love. Sometimes we know it all and still do these things, especially when we are young.

  10. Not just when you are in love, most of the points shared by you would be helpful in maintaining relationships beyond love too. Hard at times but once the couple talk these out and maintain respect for each other, things start working out effectively..

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