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What Not to Do When you’re Committed? #MyFriendAlexa

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Commitment is when you’re with someone it doesn’t come with a tag, you might be Boyfriend-girlfriend, live-in, engaged, married, or just dating. It’s a word that explains your devotion to the relationship you’re in. When you’re committed there are few things you should never do else your relationship might be in jeopardy.

Golden rules to things you should never do when you’re committed to someone

Lose your Own Identity

At times couples tend to be into each other so much that they pick up each other’s likings as their own. It’s good to some extent but one should never forget themselves as an individual.

Love them but don’t forget yourself in love.

Keep your Financial Freedom

It’s good that you share things as a couple but don’t share bank accounts and your financials in a relationship. It causes problems sooner or later, it’s better to maintain your own separate bank accounts.

Financially Independent

Don’t Lie/ Hide Things

Lying usually catches up in a relationship and then it becomes very difficult to explain things so it’s better to be truthful to each other

Never Cheat

It’s the obvious one & needs no explanation

Do Not be Derogatory

Calling names or putting someone down in a relationship is very bad, it usually never ends up well. Mutual respect is essential.

Treat your partner as you want to be treated yourself

Never stop Putting Efforts

At times people become too comfortable with each other and they just forget to put in effort. They just stop complimenting partner or treating them special. People stop giving importance to birthdays, anniversaries etc., relationship needs constant efforts to make it work. Go on dates, surprise them with vacation/ gift all such gestures shows Love.

Always Put in efforts to make your relationship work else it’ll crash and die.

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Always give Time to Friends and Family

One tends to forget friends and family when they have someone special in their life. Friends and family have stood by you in your bad time so you should remember them in your good time too.

Don’t Compare your Partner

Comparing your partner with others is not right. It’ll make them feel bad about themselves and they might get resentful or angry towards you. Comparison with your past liaisons is even worst.

Disregard their Problems

Being in a relationship means supporting each other during their difficulties and tough times. If you’ve become indifferent to your partner’s problems then you should reassess the status of your relationship.

Listen to Your Partner

Never Be Distrustful

Trust is a foundation stone of relationship if you’ve stopped down to snooping around like checking their phones or messages etc. It’s bound to create problems for you either you’ll misinterpret some message or find something you shouldn’t have either of the ways your relationship would end up being on a rocky shore.

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All pillars are mutually bound & with fall of each pillar the foundation becomes rocky, relationship might stand on three pillars but it’s bound to crash on 2 pillars. We should take care of the foundation and the relationship would always be strong. With this note I’ll end my post I hope you found it helpful.

I might have missed important points, if you think so then feel free to leave a message.

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