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What Not to Do When Marriage is in Trouble? #MyFriendAlexa

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Relationships often go through rough times, during these times couples face lots of ups and downs. A few relationships emerge victoriously and a few just drown in the troubles. The key to victory during difficult times is to avoid common mistakes that many couples do.

Golden rules of Things not to be done during troubled relationship

Do Not

Play the Blame Game

Couples often fight and they forget that arguments are done to find solutions, not for the sake of winning. Avoid blaming each other and flinging insults think, ponder, and find a solution to the issue.

Bring up Past

You’ll never be able to move forward if keep bringing up the past and flinging it at each other’s face. do not bring old arguments into new problems else you’ll keep on fighting about the same issue over and over again. Move on.

Forget about Intimacy

Intimacy is bonding and often during troubled times couples do not indulge in it which pulls them apart and they become more distant. Intimacy doesn’t mean just sex it could be holding hands, a kiss, or just a hug. Due to busy schedules or work pressure or kids couples often forget it which leads to a lot of problems.

Be Strangers

This the worst situation when a couple stops communicating with each other. No matter how bad things are always communicate with each other many issues are resolved when you sit and talk.

Communication holds the Key to a Happy Relationship.

Letting the Third Person In

If you let other people talk in your relationship then it’s out of your hands. Do not let anyone else resolve your problem be it In laws, parents or siblings. Things would get complicated if other people talk on your behalf.

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Bringing a Child into a Troubled Marriage

BIG NO NO….This is the worst thing you could ever do not only to yourself but also for the child. A child is not a buffer or glue for your marriage so think a lot before bringing an innocent soul into your already rocky boat.

Take Decisions Alone

Never take decisions affecting both of you individually. Sit talk weigh the pro and cons of the decision then take it. Never take it alone without consulting your partner.

Take Each Other for Granted

At times we tend to forget the most important person in our lives and take them for granted. It’s the worst mistake of a couple. They forget to appreciate the spouse or devote time to them. Just repeat a few magical words in life to keep the relationship healthy “I Love you” & “Thank You”.

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I might have missed important points, if you think so then feel free to leave a message.

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