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Let’s Fly High with #MyFriendAlexa 2020

Concluding Post MFA 2020 Season 5

My Friend Alexa has always been an awaited event for me. It happens once in a year: September but this year it was delayed for a month because of the “Renovation” of Blogchatter-02. The site has received a facelift and it looks amazing now. Features of new sites are amazing too.

Keyword Analysis of my site

Insights of the site and much more…

Coming back to MFA 2020

This season my theme was on relationships and “What Not to Do…” to keep relationships healthy and budding. I covered it by 7 posts although it’s not the end of my Series but it’s definitely the end of MFA. It’s was total chaos this year because of festivals, work and of course our forced love: COVID-19.

My post of Season 5:

As my concluding post just like every other year, I’ve charted my ranking. It’s the most beautiful fall that I could ever see and all the bloggers could relate to my feelings.

Global Ranking Chart 2020
Country Ranking Chart 2020

In comparison to my previous years ranks this year too my boost is amazing. This is what keeps bringing me back to MFA.

MFA 2019
MFA 2018

This is my last post of Season 5. It’s more of a summary than a post.

This year I barely survived MFA that you could make out by the dates of my posts too. My last post is totally rushed and I barely made it through… phewww Thank god for small favors.

Thanks a lot, Blogchatter for organizing My friend Alexa and helping the bloggers in improving their sites, learning new things, meeting many writers, going through so many blogs. Above all for putting in so much effort to make MFA go through seamlessly.

I hope you enjoyed MFA as much as I did.

See you Same Time, Same Place next year till then…

Good bye

Keep growing & Keep Blogging.

Be hooked on my series of “What not to do….??

Alexa Global Rank: 203696

Alexa Country Rank: 11888

Disclaimer: I am taking my blog to the next level with My Friend Alexa 2020. This post is a part of My Friend Alexa Season 5 with Blogchatter

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