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Are You Losing Your Locks?

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Hair-fall is a common issue faced by many to help you understand the problem I’m sharing a guest post by Jessi Rosey. I hope the post would help you deal with hair loss.

Hair loss and balding are usually connected to men. We all tend to imagine balding men when it comes to hair loss. Women are less prone to getting completely bald but they may experience thinning of hair, which would be equally alarming as getting bald. Hair loss can take place due to several reasons and the most common of all is a change of hormones. With age, both men and women face the hair loss problem due to changes in hormones; however this is not the only reason and there are many other reasons that can be corrected with certain cosmetic products, supplements, treatments, or lifestyle modifications.

What Does Hair Loss Mean?

The term hair loss is self-explanatory, but here we will understand what condition can actually be termed as hair loss. Hair loss is the condition where a person witnesses abnormal hair loss on the scalp and sometimes on the entire body. This condition could be triggered by some deficiency or may result from family history.

Hair loss becomes more common with age but it is also found in children due to various reasons. Considering there is more than 100,000 hair on your scalp, losing merely 50 to 100 strands per day is considered to be quite normal. This is your body’s way of replacing old hair with new hair. In some cases, the old hair is not replaced by new hair and this is when the hair loss problem triggers. There is no fixed measure to check hair loss, but one would notice an issue when too much hair is found on the comb, drain, or on a towel after hair wash. In event of heavy hair loss, you will also find hair coming in your hand just by moving fingers through your hair.

Any of the above triggers are enough to see your doctor find out the underlying health problem. Your doctor would conduct certain tests to rule out any deficiencies or underlying conditions. Based on the test report, your doctor will suggest an appropriate treatment.

Things to Consider In Event of Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair loss, here are the things to consider for the timely reversal of the condition. It is easier to reduce hair loss than to get back hair on the bald patches. Some of the key considerations in event of hair loss are –

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  1. Take quick actions – If you think that you are losing lots of hair then don’t wait for the situation to be more apparent. Seeking medical help in time would help in treating the root cause before it’s too late. Waiting long for treatment would result in bald patches that are difficult to reverse.
  2. Diet Matters – Healthy diet is a solution to most health problems. A protein-rich diet including poultry, dairy, eggs, and legumes may help a lot in reducing hair loss as the hair is made of Keratin, a natural protein. Vitamin and mineral-rich diet are also very important for your hair health. Include food rich in vitamins and minerals to get long term results. In case of deficiency, opt for the supplements for quicker results.
  3. Avoid Chemicals – Hair loss can be triggered by chemicals that you use in the form of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair styling products. There are mild chemical-free products available in the market. Switch to such products that keep the pH of your hair neutral to avoid hair loss. Cleaning your hair regularly with such products will go a long way in treating this condition.
  4. Brush Your Hair Regularly – Regular brushing of hair will remove the dirt and dust along with dead skin accumulated on the scalp. More than that it will ensure proper blood circulation in the scalp, which is very important for hair health. You will find special brushes with bristles designed to offer massage to your scalp while removing the impurities from hair.
  5. Avoid Hot Water Bath – Very hot water may leave your hair dry and lifeless. The effect of hot water on your hair is similar to that of dry air, sunlight, and iron. Opt for lukewarm water while washing hair.

Hair loss may point towards various health conditions, deficiency, and in some cases genetic reasons. Treat this condition in time to avoid permanent hair loss.

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