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10 Winter Flowering Plants #BalconyGarden


As the slight chill in the air is approaching so does the mild fragrance from the beautiful and colorful array of flowers. Winter is my favorite and the most awaited time, I would never want to miss the flowers and beauty of the winter season. As the weather is changing so is my garden. In this post, I’ll discuss beautiful flowering plants that will make your garden memorable.


These are mildly fragrant flowers best to fill the flower beds. They’re a small bunch of flowers usually found in pink, purple & white colors. They’re shrubs and could be used to line the flower beds.


These are beautiful flowers found in a vibrant variety of colors they’re not fragrant but are found in a variety of tall and dwarf. The stem often needs support to bear the weight of heavy flowers in taller varieties.


They’re very similar to sunflower in shape. These flowers also bloom in sun and are found in beautiful colors. They bloom from October till March.


These are a bright-colored bunch of flowers found in bright orange, red, pink & white. They’re just the right touch of color your balcony would ever ask for.


One could never miss the beautiful marigolds in the garden with their mild scent floating in the air. They’re found in beautiful shades of yellow and orange.


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No one could ever miss rose in their flower garden. They’re found in various varieties and colors. You could buy the color according to your preference.


These are beautiful bell-shaped flowers found in multiple arrays of colors and they give so many flowers till march. These are beautiful flowers but they’re nonfragrant.


They’re found in multiple colors and sizes, these would account for an excellent dash of colorful foliage of flowers you could ever want in your garden. They come in a vast variety of colors.


These flowers are found in shades of pinks and white and small shrubs filled with multiple hues of pink look just mesmerizing.


They’re lovely flowers with a mildly sweet fragrance that fills the garden. They’re usually in white, pink or red colors but one should always have them in the garden.

I’ve covered so may beautiful flowers but believe me I’ve just covered the tip of the iceberg. I’ll soon cover more about the flowers in detail.

Be hooked on my posts till then.

Happy gardening to all.

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