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Poinsettia Care Guide

Poinsettia is a beautifully colored Indoor plant with foliage of red leaves. They’re bright beautiful plants usually found in winters. They’re native plants of Mexico and are found in many colors but red is the most commonly admired plant out of all colors. They’re found in Pink, white, yellow, salmon, and orange colors.

These decorative plants thrive well in winters with minimal care, although people think that they’re winter plants these are perennials and with proper care, they could survive well too.


These plants cannot bear too much heat so they thrive well as indoor plants. They love winters but can’t tolerate frost so the ideal temperature should be 21°-16°C. if the temperature is likely to fall below 7°C then cover the roots with mulch to protect them from harsh winters. Mulch keeps the soil warm and moist.


They do not tolerate direct & harsh sunlight well so keep them at the window which gets morning sun and partial shade during the afternoon.

During winters you could keep the plant in sunlight too but in falls plant it in shade. The plant could thrive in shade and pass the harsh summers well.


The plant needs regular watering and moist soil so keep it in well-draining and moist soil. Poinsettia couldn’t tolerate dry soil well so keep it well watered but avoid overwatering so the soil should be well-draining soil.


The plant needs repotting after 1 season. The soil should be rich, well-draining, and moist soil preferably with organic mulch. Fertilize the soil once a month at least.

After the winter has passed either place the plant in soil or shift the plant in partial shade.


It needs regular fertilization: Once a month.

Pruning & Propagation

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Prune during flowering season to encourage growth. During spring cut the plant 8 inch from the root and it’ll be ready for the new cycle.


Blooms of poinsettia appears in winters and in form of colorful leaves. They’re called as Bracts.

I love the beautiful plants they brighten up the indoor and balcony garden. They’re a wonderful addition to my garden.

I hope you’ll like the post and find it useful.

Happy Gardening to all.

This is the series of Indoor Plant care guide & it’s the 8th  post of the series.

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