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5 Common Succulent Problems

Facing Succulent issues???

Succulents are beautiful amazing plants that survive indoor very well. I’m very fond of succulents they’re hardy plants but even they need slight care. They’re prone to overwatering, root rot, growing leggy, and much more

Let’s just see how could we treat succulent problems.

Succulent Growing Leggy

If you’ll place succulent at low light it has a tendency to grow towards the sun. that’s when the succulent grows leggy and long. To treat such plants you have to keep turning it from starting to avoid such condition. Once the plant has grown leggy then you’ll have to cut the plant from the stem and remove the leaves. The remnant stem would soon grow a new shoot.

The left-out leggy part and the leaves could be kept in soil for some time, you’ll soon see new shoots from the leaves and could be used for propagation.

A few leaves might not grow and shrivel up but that’s fine you’ll still have plenty left to plant.

Tips for Propagation of Leaves

  • Keep the leaves dry
  • do not water
  • keep them at a sunny place undisturbed for 3-4 weeks
  • it has better chance of growth in dry soil

How to Recognise Root Rot

The leaves of succulent would start getting translucent and drop off. It’s a sure shot sign that something is wrong with the plant.

Just dig it up if you find soggy and darkened roots then wash the plant cut off the rotting part. Plant again in new dry soil abstain watering plant for some time to help it recover. In the meanwhile as a backup, you could always keep few leaves in dry soil for propagation.


Succulents are like cactus water them sparingly, else they would die.

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Yes, definitely you could kill them by under watering too. You’ll know if they’re underwatered if the leaves start getting shriveled up on the plant itself.

It happens mostly in dry and sunny summers.

Leaves turning in one Direction

Since they love sunlight the leaves have tendency to grow towards the sunlight and all the branches soon tilt towards light. So it’s good to keep rotating the pot when you feel that leaves are turning towards window.

Rotating the pot can slow down the succulent from growing leggy too.

These are few tips for getting a beautiful healthy and happy succulent. I hope my post was helpful, be hooked on my blog for more.

4 thoughts on “5 Common Succulent Problems”

  1. This is a very helpful post. Succulents are very popular these days but people don’t always know how to take care of them correctly.

  2. Great tips. Overwatering is often an issue because of the mindset that plants need water to grow. Succulents are all a rage now so much so that the are at a risk of extinction.

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