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Thyroid Disorders and its Psychiatric Manifestations

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Thyroid diseases have documented association with psychiatric illnesses. Hypothyroidism or subclinical hypothyroidism lowers the metabolic rate so it could cause a reduction in serotonin levels in turn leading to depression in many people. It could happen in many chronic medical conditions too.



Hypothyroidism leads to many psychiatric disorders due to a reduction in the metabolic rate of the body. It has been seen that the brain has a high number of receptors for thyroid hormone absorption. If that absorption is disrupted the activity of the brain is hampered.  In turn, it can lead to:

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  • Depression: due to reduced secretion of serotonin there’s depression in patients of hypothyroidism. At times the depression in leading symptom which further helps in diagnosing hypothyroidism.
  • Psychosis
  • Dementia

Most often thyroid diseases are chronic diseases and people tend to get depressed with the duration of diseases which require lifetime or prolonged medication.



People with bipolar illnesses tend to switch to mania during hyperthyroidism.

Auto-immune thyroiditis:

It has been seen that auto-immune thyroiditis has an association with bipolar disorders.

Thyroid gland operated in multiple organs so its disorders affect the whole of the body, esp. the nervous system causing lethargy, listlessness, fatigue, loss of thoughts, etc.  

To diagnose sub-clinical thyroid routine check-ups are essential.

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  1. As someone suffering from hypothyroidsm I get how difficult it is. Its effect doesn’t end in taking the daily medicine. It is beyond it. Thanks for sharing these references in understanding this auto immune disorder better.

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