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Small Business Evolutions in Covid Era #EcommerseInovation


The MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) sector has always been a slow and steadily growing sector in India. They kept our country afloat by providing a small but constant flow of revenue in our country. Recently I’ve noticed a sharp rise in the segment. They were always there in the background but suddenly small businesses have become more visible.

  • Micro: <1 Cr Investment
  • Small: <10 Cr Investment
  • Medium: <50 Cr Investment

What changed in the MSME sector?

I’m an online shopping person to the core. I would even order a nail and hammer online. I was like this even before Covid-Era. Post-covid I’ve explored so many small merchants online. I saw them taking leaps and becoming more available & visible to the customers.

What Changed?

Online availability

In the Post-Covid era, I’ve seen a sharp spike in online marketing. People are scared to visit stores so the MSME sector has made their products available for us online. You’ll find so many merchants selling small products and making them available at your fingertips.

It’s mostly aided by the digitalization of our country.

Support from Government

Our government has started providing a support system for small businesses and spreading awareness about digital marketing & payment systems. They provide courses for the smaller sector & even aid to help them start a small business under the Ministry of MSME.

  • Vocal for Local
  • Skill India
  • Make in India
  • Start-Up India

And many more if you want to explore the segment.

Support from private segment

Private marketplaces have provided a portal for local businesses to showcase the products and take the business one step ahead. This has brought the customer and MSME sector closer by providing a common interaction ground.

  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Just click a Picture and showcase the Product.

With the help and support of the private segment, many businesses have found an opening to approach the customer without investing in websites. A small business could stay afloat and generate revenue till they could afford a well-managed website with all the support team to handle the online customer support and interaction system.

Online payment portals

With the help of many online payment systems, it has become easier to exchange money.

  • Paytm
  • Gpay
  • Amazon pay
  • Mobikwik
  • Airtel Payment
  • Whatsapp Payments

With the easier exchange of money, the customer transaction process has become much easier.

On a much serious note, caution must be executed before linking any of the portals with Bank UPI and making payments online.

Tips on safe online shopping.

Online Marketing

Spreading the good word and customer reviews are the best way to grow a small business. Trust is the platform you build your business on. Use social media as a tool to market your business online.

Do I support the MSME sector?

Yes definitely.

This Christmas I’ve found gifts from local vendors and the personalized touch in the gifts is a boon for me too.

I’m mostly on Facebook Marketplace for shopping, it’s new Myntra and Amazon for me. I’m Lovin it.

This Christmas & New Year go Vocal for Local.

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Let’s help the MSME sector grow to make our country grow together.

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