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Small Step Towards Mental Wellness: Gardening #CauseAChatter

What is Mental wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing is a lot more than being happy, it’s not just a lack of mental illness. Mental wellbeing is achieving the right balance between the Emotional, Psychological and Social aspects of our life. If the balance tips then mental health is disrupted.

What all helps in attaining mental wellbeing?

People attain “Nirvana” or a state of Mental wellbeing by finding the zone of happiness from within.  

Is it attained by buying a house? Meditation? Earning 7/8 Figure Salary? Being loved?


I feel it’s a combination of small things:

  • Having Friends
  • Loving & Helping self and people
  • Doing what you Love or Love what You Do
  • Perusing hobbies/ making hobbies
  • Mental Peace
  • Good Sleep

During Lockdown I in 2019 I started my hobby of gardening, it was “my zone” the zone for mental peace. Talking on the phone and video calls, constant worrying about the wellbeing of loved ones was exhausting, the feel of soil in my hands was therapeutic for me. I started small by growing Chilly/ onions/ potatoes etc. when I saw the first few leaves popping themselves out of the soil… I was ecstatic.

Soon enough nurseries became my constant visiting place. I found a hobby that was healthy for me and mother earth obviously. Nowadays I call myself the mother of many saplings and plants. I love growing them and watching them flourish it helps me in attaining my zone.

It has become my routine to visit the plants water them cherish and pamper them. I take care of its problems like pests or fertilize them and prune them. Over the span of the last 2 years, I’ve made my own balcony garden and I’m working on terrace garden (it’s at a very initial stage)

I’m advocating and promoting gardening as a hobby but it’s more than just a hobby it’s a cult that would help you achieve mental peace.

My advice for newbie gardeners

  • Start small
  • Don’t give up if one plant dies
  • Take care of them they’re like children you love them and watch them grow.

A glimpse of my winter garden:

I was not this good when I started even now I at times end up killing my plants. I recently lost my 4-year-old cactus it was sad but I found the same one so I’m waiting for it to grow with patience.

I stated with easy plants, my first 4 plants were:

  • Aloe vera
  • Foxtail fern
  • Cactus
  • Succulent (killed many of them too)

I still have 2 of my oldest plants with me. I am a parent of more than 60 plants now and the time I spend with my plants is the time I look forward to every day. I worry for them I am happy when seeing flowers or fruit.


Gardening releases:

  • Dopamine: reward hormone
  • Endorphins: Pain relief hormone
  • Nor-epinephrine: excitability hormone
  • Oxytocin: love hormone
  • Serotonin: calming hormone

These hormones help in attaining mental peace: Science of Happiness

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I hope my post would encourage you to find your own happiness in things you like. Just like I love gardening.

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Happy Gardening to all

With this post, I’m joining the initiative by Blogchatter #CauseAChatter 2022. I’d love to spread knowledge on the dreaded topic of Mental illness through a series of posts throughout the year.

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