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Ear Diseases in Children

Children are very frequently suffering from ear ailments. It’s very difficult to discern the disease since the child can’t explain the disease and excessive crying or pulling the ear is the only symptom that helps the parents reach the conclusion.

The most common type of ear disease in children is:

  • Middle ear infection
  • Glue ear
  • Impacted wax
  • Fungal infected

Symptoms of Middle Ear Infections

Many children suffer from Ear diseases the common symptoms are:

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Cause of frequent middle ear infections in children:

In children, the eustachian tube is straight in comparison to adults so the chances of middle ear infection from throat infection or nose infection are more in children.

Function of the Eustachian Tube: It’s a tube connecting the ear with the back of the nose. It helps in maintaining the pressure in the middle ear and draining the fluids of the middle ear.

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Most Common Diseases:

Glue Ear:

Glue Ear or Otitis Media with effusion (OME) is when the Middle ear is filled with thick fluid which could further progress into a middle ear infection or Ear discharge. If the infection is not cleared by antibiotic the pus behind the ear drum has to be cleared by making a hole in the eardrum or a tube insertion k/a grommet. It is aggravated by adenoids or recurrent nose or throat infections.

Glue Ear

Glue ear becomes less common as the child grows older.

Impacted Wax:

At times the ear is blocked by wax which accumulates in the ear canal and causes difficulty in hearing in children too. Cleaning the wax would relieve the problem.

Impacted wax

Fungal infection:

Due to moist ear at times children suffer from middle ear fungal infection aka Otomycosis which would be treated by cleaning the debris from the ear and treated it with antifungal drops.

Reach out to ENT in case of any Ear issues in children.

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