Monsoon is Here: Gardening Tips

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As the rainy season is approaching plants need extra care and help to survive and flourish. Although it’s a blessed relief from the burning and scorching heat which burns the plants while on the other hand rainy season brings on its own set of problems. In India when it rains it pours continuously so we should take special care during the season.

Problems of the rainy season:

  • Infections
  • Over watering
  • Excessive growth
  • Falling of plants
  • Erosion of topsoil
  • Excessive weed growth

Each problem has to be addressed to avoid damage to your indoor garden.


Due to excessive moisture in the air and forecast sky, it’s very easy for the plants to develop worms and pests. Pest control is essential for the season.

Over watering:

Due to low temperature and moisture, the plant’s need for water is reduced so be very cautious while watering indoor plants. Check for soakage of the soil before watering the plants. Due to soggy soil, the hold of roots is also less which might lead to falling or leaning of the plants.

Checkpoints for Plants:

  • Check the soil before watering the plant
  • Do not overwater
  • Reduce frequency of watering
  • Use a well-draining pot
  • Remove the draining tray to avoid water logging
  • Provide support to delicate plants

Excessive Growth:

Due to minerals and water growth spurt is observed in the plants so it has to be pruned and kept in shape.

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Erosion of Topsoil:

Due to rain top soil might get eroded so putting soil and fertilizer over exposed roots would help in better health of plants.

I hope these tips would help in keeping your indoor garden healthy and flourishing.

Happy Gardening to all.

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