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Fungal Infection of the Ear: Otomycosis

Fungal infection of the ear aka Otomycosis aka fungal otitis externa is a common infection of the ear commonly found in heat and humidity. The cases are commonly found in summer and the rainy season. It commonly affects the outer wall of the ear or the outer canal wall of the ear.

It’s caused by a fungus called Aspergillus or Candida. There are more than 60 varieties of fungus so the color may vary from black, white, yellow, or green. At times the fungal infection gets superimposed with a bacterial infection which produces profuse discharge, swelling, and pain in the ear.


Symptoms of Otomycosis:

  • Pain in ear
  • Swelling of ear
  • Severe itching
  • Difficulty in hearing
  • Ear blockage
  • Ear discharge
  • Redness of ear

Most commonly patients present with Ear blockage with excessive itching and discharge when they’re suffering from Otomycosis.

Causes of Fungal infection of the ear:

  • Hot and humid weather
  • Swimming
  • Diabetes
  • Immuno-compromised conditions (lower immune level)
  • Trauma or injury to the ear (by scratching or ear cleaning)
  • Chronic Skin conditions like eczema etc.

How do you diagnose otomycosis?

Ear infections are usually diagnosed by ENT Specialists by examining the ear with either Otoscope or Oto-endoscope. They look in the ear with examinations they find:

  • Ear Discharge
  • Fungal spores or debris in the ear
  • Swelling or oozing skin

These all are treated after the diagnosis.

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Treatment of Otomycosis:

It’s not a deadly condition unless complicated with other systemic disorders. It’s treated by:

  • Ear wash or syringing
  • Suctioning or ear cleaning
  • Anti-fungal ear drops
  • Anti-fungal medication
  • Painkillers for reduction of swelling and local pain
  • Anti-histamines to counteract the itching of the ear

You might need ear cleaning done 2-3 times on consecutive days if the infection is severe. Timely treatment easily allays the symptoms and helps in early recovery.

Tips for a healthy ear:

  • Keep ears dry
  • Do not use earbuds
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing of ears
  • Keep ears open to avoid moisture and sweat
  • Use headphones instead of earplugs
  • Avoid loud volume exposure
  • Give recovery time after prolonged exposure to high volume
  • Consult a doctor for ear-related issues
  • Do not self-medicate

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