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Garnishing Life with Kindness #TheKindnessGene

Kindness is both inherited and acquired quality that makes us human. A little show of kindness goes long way. Life teaches us to be more practical and at times jaded too which slowly kills our kindness.

Is it better to live life with Kindness or Smartness or Both?

Be Different but Kind

No one is born with kindness it’s what we learn from our family or get influenced by the show of compassion that makes us kind. The first incident that I remember was when I was a child.

I saw my mother asking me to give my packet of chips to the poor beggar child crying on the pavement. I was adamant about not giving my favorite packet, I was selfish and didn’t want to share it.

My mother explained to me that at times we’ll face situations where things that mean less to us would mean a lot to others and if we share them then the blessings we’ll get would be collected by god to give us bigger rewards.

I understood that & the next time anyone asked for a pencil or an eraser I’d willingly give my extra pencil to collect the blessings, I was eagerly waiting for the huge rewards I’ll get from God himself. Soon I realized that kindness is not just giving things to people, they use you as I am selfishly trying to collect my “Blessing Points”.


I confronted my mother again that the kids in playschool have the pencil and they still ask for mine, if I give it to them would it still increase my “Blessing Points” by God?

My mother said: “Kindness is a feeling when you do something good for another person you’ll feel it. What do you feel when you give something to your best friend?”

Be Kind

I said, “I feel great and I feel that it’s my duty to help my friends so when I do it I get a feeling of happiness.”

My mother explained: “When you do it for some random stranger”

I said: “I don’t always want to do things for someone I do not know, how would they ever help my back when I need help? My friends would always do things for me too.”

She said: “When kindness is accompanied by selfishness then God doesn’t add your “Blessing Points”.

I understood that if I have to do things for random people without expectation of return then only my “Blessing Points” would increase.

Now I am a doctor I am in a profession that dictates me to help strangers & show kindness and compassion to the patients without expectation of returns. I do get paid for my job but I do hope God is still increasing my “Blessing Points” so that I get greater rewards in my life.

I have learned to be kind for my own selfish reasons but now I unknowingly do some random non-selfish acts of kindness.

I was a writer but to be the blogger that I am now, I was guided and helped unexpectedly by so many bloggers that I was overwhelmed by the gesture of kindness. I’ll never forget this act of kindness that I received from my fellow bloggers. I try and return the same gesture to anyone who ever asks for my help.

That’s what we all Need in our Lives, a bit of Garnishing of Kindness Click To Tweet A Random Act of Kindness is what we all Need to make this World a Beautiful Place. Click To Tweet
  • Giving a smile
  • Offering our seats to the elderly or women
  • Opening the door or helping another person
  • Complimenting someone
  • Offering water to security or delivery person
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The gesture of Kindness is all that matters it doesn’t have to be grand. Just the feeling behind it matters most.

Be Kind Be Happy


I am writing this post as an initiative of Blogchatter’s #TheKindnessGene. Visit the site for more posts: Here

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