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5 Things I Learnt from My Teachers


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Teachers are the best guides that we could ever have. They’re the influence that shapes our future. We all have been shaped by so many guides and mentors but we do not always understand the advice till we are old enough. There are so many things I wish I would have understood then but it’s late for that still, there are lots of things that I memorized and it has changed my perception in many ways.

School Days:

I was very young and impressionable in my school days. it seems ages back too in 1997 I crying since my best friend did not pick me as a project partner. Being replaced by a best friend seems like the end of my life back then but my teacher told me:

Being a best friend doesn’t mean you’ll share everything but it means being there for you when you need her the most, so do not lose a friend over trivial things. Click To Tweet

I didn’t get it then but now when I look back I remember the times when we were just there for each other in ways no one ever could imagine. Wisdom is given but understood too late.

College Days:

Out of many things in college in 1999 I still remember our lectures. I was putting proxy attendance for my friend while she was not there and I got caught. My professor called me out and told me:

You think you’re helping your friend but you’re just stopping her from learning important things. Click To Tweet

I totally disregarded the advice obviously it didn’t end up well for us academically of us but we’re still good friends.

Post-Graduation Days:

I Joined my PG in 2007 It’s a time when you’re grown enough so no one could teach you how to deal with life but you have so much to learn too. I admire the teachers “they walk on such fine line and balance both to make us learn”.

My head of the department once called me to review a patient whom I admitted to the ward during 24 hours duty. The patient was complaining about the staff and doctor negligence in the case. He went through every page of investigations and treatment, told the patient we would do the best for him, and convinced him to go back to the wards. My HOD told me 2 things I admire you for the hard work you’ve done on the patient but I want you to rewrite the patient file.

Always complete the paperwork as it’s under scrutiny and you’ll be the best doctor. Click To Tweet

You have to be perfect in written statements because you’ve a medical liability of things you quote or write.

You’re young and daring you will learn how to operate on the patient but to be the best you have to learn when not to operate on the patient. Click To Tweet

Believe me, these the advice that protected me throughout my career and is still protecting me.

Senior Residency Days:

I was a teacher myself in medical college for 3 years in 2015. It seems grown up but we’re never old enough to teach things when we’re still learning things ourselves. I was so reluctant to take classes so my professor called me and told me:

Just step on the podium and teach them. You’ll never know what they would be listening to just remember if they are listening then, you’ll be remembered as the Mentor, not a teacher who taught them. Click To Tweet

This gave me the much-needed motivation to teach that day and many other days. I still have students who turned out to be great doctors who are still in touch with me. I am happy to be immortalized by some even hated by others but I’m glad to be a part of their journey and I hope I made a difference in their life.

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I am still learning new things every day but these moments I have shared I still remember and they stand out when I look back. So I think whatever I am and I will become is because of many good teachers, friends, and family.

Teachers are the Silent Craftsmen who Shape our Future.

My heartiest thanks to all the teachers for their patience and dedication that made us what we are today.

Be Happy, Be Confident

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