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Change Comes from Within: 5 Things I Contribute to a Better Society


It’s very easy to judge or crib about the things that are wrong in society. Though I am not perfect I still do a few small things to contribute to building a better and stronger society.

The change starts from within.

Keeping a Garden

I can’t reduce the Air Quality Index(AQI) all by myself but I contribute my bit by planting as much as greens I can on my rooftop and balcony. Besides looking beautiful it provides me with good air and even helps me in improving my mental health. I love spending time with my plants, it’s more than a hobby and a bit less than an obsession.

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Following Traffic rules:

I live and work in Delhi-NCR, and the driving skills required to survive a whole day without a scratch on the vehicle is a task in itself. Just like everyone else even if I want to rush to the office and home, I follow traffic rules and avoid taking any wrong turns at all costs. Even if it costs me 5 minutes of delay it is worth it.

Knowing my Rights and Fighting for them

Ignoring the wrongs has lead us to where we stand right now. I fight for what is right and I educate the people around me about it too. I’m not an activist but I do not ignore the wrongs even if I’ve to stand and fight.

Civic Sense

I make sure that I do not park according to my convenience but of others too. I do not litter, even if it means carrying rubbish back home or in my car, I still do it. Holding a door or lift for another person is a lot more than just good manners it’s a display of good civic sense.

Paying my Dues.

I always pay my dues be it Income Tax or GST or any other form of implemented government rule. I consider it a small contribution towards the nation’s growth and greater progress. I am even proud to be a part of it.

Greater Goods are Achieved with a Small Change, so Let’s Be the Change.

With this post even if I am able to influence one person to bring change in themselves I’ll consider the purpose fulfilled.

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5 thoughts on “Change Comes from Within: 5 Things I Contribute to a Better Society”

  1. Richa, I agree with you. Civic sense is the basic quality every citizen should have and learn to maintain. How may ever, you teach society but they should be ready to accept and add to their habits.

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