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They Love Me? Love Me Not?


Being loved by everyone is a dream everyone wants to achieve. We all are born and bought-up that way. But what are the qualities that make you a loveable person?

During Childhood:

My qualities of being loved were:

  • Academically Good
  • Obedient
  • Well Mannered

With time I realized there’s more to life than just being appreciated by teachers, parents, and students for being a kid who’s good in study. My perspective changed in college. I was no longer academically best I was just average. Obedience and manners are the least appreciated quality in college.

During College:

I was being loved for:

  • Being Spontaneous
  • People Pleaser
  • Courageous

These are not the best qualities I could have developed but being in college makes you a bit rebellious.

As I reached my internship my perspective changed and I realized there’s more to a person than just being famous and loved by everyone. To be recognized for what you are and for your good character matters more, even if it means you’ll be hated by many people. I taught myself to say “No”.

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That’s what happened to me too. I am now loved and hated for my qualities but I still wouldn’t change a thing about myself.

Presently People Love me:

  • I’m loved for being Honest & Trustworthy. There are many easy and wrong ways to climb up the ladder of success. I opted for a challenging and truthful manner. I might reach there late but certainly will.
  • People admire my Courage. I stand up for what is wrong and protect the people who need it most.
  • Lastly, I’m Helpful & Compassionate. I understand the difficulties and hardships of life so I’m always there for my friends and family.
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I’m happy being loved by people who matter to me most, it’s not possible to please everyone so I’m now the best version of me that I could ever be & I’m happy about it.

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1 thought on “They Love Me? Love Me Not?”

  1. I liked how you changed your qualities as you aged. We often don’t realise but people notice good things in us as we nurture better with age

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