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Garnishing Life with Kindness #TheKindnessGene

Kindness is both inherited and acquired quality that makes us human. A little show of kindness goes long way. Life teaches us to be more practical and at times jaded too which slowly kills our kindness. Is it better to live life with Kindness or Smartness or Both?

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What Not to Do When Meeting In-Laws? #MyFriendAlexa 2020

One of the most important meetings in a relationship is meeting the in-laws. Their approval has to be won to have a harmonious relationship in the future. A lot of relationships face issues because they couldn’t earn a thumbs up from in-laws. The only things in Laws have to judge is if you’re good enough for their child or not. You don’t have to raise a banner for it but have to show affection and love in small but meaningful gestures.

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What Not to Do After Break-up? #MyFriendAlexa 2020

Break-up signifies an ending relationship. It could be a long affair, short involvement, engagement, marriage, and a lot more. Any kind of commitment when broken would leave a person in a deeply troubled phase in life called "the Break-up"

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How to Live Alone Happily?

To live alone could be the best or the worst thing that could happen to you in this world. On one hand, people crave to live alone but few just can’t wait to be with the company. It’s your personal perspective that dictates these choices. what matters most is that we are happy.