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How to Keep Coleus Healthy and Colorful?

If you’re the one who wants a colorful blossoming garden then coleus is the plant you should have in the garden. Coleus is easy to maintain, beautiful, vibrant, colorful plants. It’s low maintenance and could brighten the place up. It is available in a variety of colors and they’re very tolerant and could be used as both Outdoor or Indoor Plants.

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Aphids Infestation: Let’s Heal the Plants

Aphids are the small irritating pests that feed on the soft growing new leaves and the buds of the plants. They’re literally the pests that don’t give up easily. The worst part is they can jump from one plant to another. I’m trying to deal with Aphid's infestation on my favorite English ivy for the past whole month and let me share with you my experience with these pests.

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10 Best Flowering Plants for Spring/ Early Summers

The winters are nearly gone and it’s just the time to prepare for season turnover for plants. The springs in India are not long and they suddenly give way to summers. We can feel the heat even now in the afternoons. I've come a long way in Gardening.

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Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants

When it comes to indoor plants I started my journey with Cactus and Succulents, I ended up killing half of the plants due to overwatering. Then I soon realized my mistake and planted the new ones. With my regained confidence I moved on to Peace lily, Boston fern, Spider plant and many more. I’m going to share my list of indoor plants that require less care and add tremendous beauty and positivity to your house.

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Adieu to The Last Teen Year 2019

As we’re welcoming 2020 we must bid our Goodbye to 2019. Here I’ll summarize my 2019 all the good n the bad days. I’ll count this year as a great achievement, it was a survival test to the core at every step for me. I’m still here so the survival of the fittest too.