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Mental Health and Chronic illness #CauseAChatter

Illness of any kind is a stressful period for a person if the illness is a prolonged one then coping with it is more difficult. The rising trend in chronic illness has led to a rise in associated mental disorders too. Mental health disorders affect a person’s thinking, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning.

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Cardinal signs of Throat cancer

Throat cancer is one the fastest growing cancer in this modern world 10 in 10,0000 people in India is suffering from cancer. The cause could be attributed to the change in lifestyle of people and rise in various addictions and recreational drugs abuse.

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Headache!!! Is It Dangerous???

Headache is a symptom and a disease which could be due to a simple cold or cancer. It has such wide range that it’s very difficult to categorize.
How do I know my headache is not cancer?
Is headache killing me?