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5 Ways to Detoxify Mind

Mind is a chaos in midst of organized pockets. It’s so full of things that at times we need to declutter it. So let’s Detoxify our minds
Bin few things, trash few forever, put it in respective folder, save it for later… viola we’re done…

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Love, Relationship, and Technology.

In this digital world, the relationships prosper according to your speed of typing and number of social networks you are registered with. With your growing friend's list and likes, your popularity grows, with every update and comments your group widens. Is that all you need to make your relationships work?

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Headache!!! Is It Dangerous???

Headache is a symptom and a disease which could be due to a simple cold or cancer. It has such wide range that it’s very difficult to categorize.
How do I know my headache is not cancer?
Is headache killing me?

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Home Alone?? Stay Positive!!!

If you stay alone it's at times difficult to stay positive. It's very easy to fall into self-wallowing or self-pity party.
How to stay positive?